First Transformations

Much to the confusion of humans, werewolves do not necessarily always know that they are werewolves. This is especially and specifically true for newer werewolves. Newer werewolves who are transforming for the first time may only have a partial transformation, and may not understand what the transformation means. During the first full physical transformation, they may black out or have memory loss and not even remember the event. First transformations can be frightening and confusing for the person transforming, to humans they will appear especially aggressive and terrifying often for these reasons.



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  1. justine says:

    i dont now if there is someone like me in my country…

  2. Alpha says:


  3. Alpha says:

    Just they ether dont transform or they know how to control themselves

  4. Icewolf16 says:

    Is there anyway that you can have premonitions of the change before it happens. It happened to me a few months ago about tonight and I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Ive always known there was something different about me and I knew what it was but I’m scared this will be my first time shifting.

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