First Transformations

Much to the confusion of humans, werewolves do not necessarily always know that they are werewolves. This is especially and specifically true for newer werewolves. Newer werewolves who are transforming for the first time may only have a partial transformation, and may not understand what the transformation means. During the first full physical transformation, they may black out or have memory loss and not even remember the event. First transformations can be frightening and confusing for the person transforming, to humans they will appear especially aggressive and terrifying often for these reasons.



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480 Responses

  1. I’m just annoyed by people who I constantly help turn around and think they can ruin my life lol in all honesty Suki think of it this way……I have had so much stuff happen to me that it is hard to move me now lol

  2. Suki says:

    now what were we talking about

  3. I have learned to just silently accept things and in truth I expect the unexpected and I plan on unexpected for just in case lol

  4. I just grow tired of being stabbed lol

  5. i just wish people would learn lol

  6. Suki says:

    wtf be rigt back

  7. Hachina says:


    I’m BACK!!1 lol סּ_סּ

  8. Hachina says:

    (and to simba, my clock currently says 12:03 AM. So… Uhh… mmk? O_o)

  9. your all good to go lol

  10. RotRiley says:

    hey hey hey RotRileys back any bodie miss me? 😀

  11. Hachina says:

    Hey, it’s 2:49 AM over here…

  12. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Heh, being stabbed? WTH?

  13. elly says:

    look i know what i am i just cant f-in change…will some one help me?
    **edited**;—-thats my email


  14. lee ann says:

    hey everybody anyone on

  15. clare says:

    is anyone on? looks like nobody has been on for a while

  16. Wolfy.PT says:

    Well… i think it should know the first time it does it, because shifting require that knowledge, and some other things… like for example, meditation and mental shift, that leads into physical shift. I still never p-shifted, but I know i am a werewolf, and i already m-shifted a bunch of times =P so… it’s quite hard to p-shift without you even know you’re a werewolf xD

  17. skylar says:

    I think im a werewolf somebody plezz help

  18. I can shift every way possible

  19. christinap says:

    can anyone tell me how you know if you’re a werewolf or not? I feel like I’ve experienced this before but I don’t really remember…someone help please!!

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