Free ILW Werewolf Sticker for you!

Want a free werewolf sticker? Just for you! As a Thank You to all of our readers and friends…

werewolf sticker

All you have to do is email us your name and address that you want the sticker shipped to, and tell us in the email that you LOVE WEREWOLVES!

Thats it!

Just send us an email (contact us) with your information and we will get a free I Love Werewolves Limited werewolf sticker to you!

T-shirt giveaway’s coming soon too! Don’t forget to subscribe!


Hi! Enter an email address:

*After you subscribe ADD [email protected] to your address book so that you get the updates!

U.S addresses only please, one sticker per address, while supplies last. If you are under age please be sure you have your parents permission to get a free sticker! Sticker does not come with a Guarantee of werewolf transformation, or Guarantee that you will become a werewolf, or any other guarantee for that matter… 🙂



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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