Full Moon Dates 2009

I thought I’d start out the year by sharing the full moon calendar of 2009 (werewolf full moon dates 2010) with you.  Of course this calendar is more useful to humans who want to know what nights they should stay inside. As we discussed, not all werewolves need the full moon to transform. But most do feel more powerful on a night that is a full moon.  Times listed are Greenwich Mean Time.

Full Moon dates 2009

YearMonthDayTime Day of week


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55 Responses

  1. alpha female lone wolf says:

    i dont hate u

  2. lee ann says:

    Alice. You need to realize and do whats right for you. I would like to keep in contact if thats alright. But your no fool Alice. And you are not the least perfect of all. Stop cutting yourself down.

  3. jakar says:

    yeah alice u r not bad or a fool u r invaluable

  4. jakar says:

    which means u r worth more than anything alice

  5. Amyangel:] says:

    hey guys do you know how to contact this website??

  6. in the about section 🙂

  7. Amyangel:] says:

    hi guys, yesterday was my birthday, NO LIE I AM SERIOUS TO GOD augest 3rd is my birthday!! and i turned 12. and late at night i had this weird feeling in my stomache and i felt really werid. i had a headache and i was getting really mad for some reason i wanted meet. i felt like something was attacking me.

    ok here is the story,

    i few weeks ago i had a dream that a evil black wolf was chasing me down. and then i went towards it and my gaurdian angel, his name is Anuk he is like my best friend and if he dies i die. and if i die he dies. anuk came up to me and he was screaming to me GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!! and then when i turned to run a huge clan of evil werewolves. ( guys not all werewolves are evil that are acctually good but this clan was the worst) and the leader was the black one and he was like finaly i got you now. he was trying to talk me into to be the leader of his clan because i was the most strongest. and so i turned into a wolf and still he just laughed at me. he took me and anuk and trapped us. and then i woke up.

    and then a few days later i have 4 bite marks on my hand,

    and 3 claw marks on my leg.

    and yesterday was my birthday and i think they are trying to attack me.

    im not lying guys this is serious and has never happended to noone what should i do!!!!!

  8. Angel Wolf says:

    amyangel, what colors were the others? and did you hear names? i think i know who youre dealing with. i said i think.

  9. Angel Wolf says:

    i said i think. it may not be right.

  10. Angel Wolf says:

  11. jakar says:

    u probably arent the strongest of all u r what u r not some strongest amongst us all

  12. Amyangel:] says:

    i don’t know any names. but the i know what colors they were. they had yellow eyes. they had huge teeth, and the leader had a really low voice. and he sounded mean

  13. Amyangel:] says:

    and they all were black.

  14. Wereboy says:

    anyone seen suki

  15. Kaposa Foxx says:

    hi everybody!!!

  16. Luke says:

    You are not joey stop using his name.

  17. mack says:

    anyone what kind of werewolf r u im the all mighty black talon

  18. alpha female lone wolf says:

    hey mack im that kind to 🙂

  19. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    i feel sorry for my school i always lose it on a full moon o well sucks to be my school

  1. October 3, 2009

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