Full moon hanging full and bright tonight

If anyone is still up, there’s still time to see the full moon tonight (Feb 7). It is hanging full and bright. Hopefully even if there are clouds where you are at, they will part long enough for you to catch a glimpse of it. And even if it doesn’t you can no doubt feel it tonight.

And for any humans that are up, and hear the occasional howl, think of all the creatures of the night that you share your world with..some that you believe in…some that you might not. 😉



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  1. Gold says:

    That is seriously funny

  1. March 7, 2012

    […] search terms: full moonVernal 2011SSFull Moons 2011 Goddess’s Full Full Moons 2011 for February 2011 It happens to be my last Full… for February […]

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