Full Moon on February 3!

The full moon is coming up on Tuesday, February 3 – it’s called the Snow Moon (or also sometimes referred to as the Hunger Moon)!

Some other night sky events in February 2015 include:

Friday, February 6 – February 20 – The Zodiacal Light
These couple of weeks in February are an especially good time to see the Zodiacal Light – a pyramid shaped dim white glow in the sky which is caused by light reflecting off dust particles. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the Zodiacal light will be just to the south of west, and is best seen right after twilight.

Friday, February 6 – Jupiter in Opposition
On this date, earth passes between Jupiter and the sun, resulting in the sun being directly opposite Jupiter in the night sky.

Wednesday, February 18 – New Moon
The new moon is when the moon is between the earth and teh sun. The moon will not be able to be seen on this date.

Friday, February 20 – planet grouping
Mars, Venus, and the Moon will be grouped closely together and can best be seen just after sunset.

Tuesday, February 24 – Mercury at Dawn
Mercury should be visible and bright at dawn.



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