Furry nails – werewolf nails – are the newest coolest manicure trend!

It used to be that when you talked about “werewolf nails” the first (and only) thing that came to mind were sharp pointy dangerous claws.  The world of high fashion however is changing this stereotype with the introduction of their version of “werewolf nails” – fur covered furry fingernails!

The furry fingernail trend debuted on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, and fashion lovers took note, with copycats showing up everywhere from facebook to instagram.

The look is very unique – instead of the whole hand or finger being covered in fur, it is only the fingernail itself that is covered in long fur…and in some cases only the very center of the nail that is covered in fur.  The look is unusual…and dare I say impossible to stop staring at!

If you’re interested in achieving the werewolf fur nail look yourself, read on below for tips on how to make your own werewolf nails….


Apparently this is trending… Thoughts!? #furrynails

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Werewolf furry nails are a simple trend that you can do yourself at home pretty easily.  You will need: a small amount of fur (enough for each fingernail to have one small patch – you can pick up craft fur at your local hobby shop), nail polish that matches the color of the fur, and an adhesive safe for your fingernails (note: the fashion show designer used a high gloss top coat and got the fur to stick using that).

  1.  You’ll start by painting each fingernail with your chosen color.  For the best look, nail polish typically should match the color of the fur you have chosen (most standard fur colors you’ll find are brown, white, cream, or grey).
  2. Next, cut out small pieces of fur for each fingernail – the fur should be no bigger than the nail. Tip: Make sure it is long haired fur for the best look.
  3. Using your high gloss top coat or chosen fingernail safe adhesive, paint the nail, and stick the fur onto the center of the fingernail.  The fur should be long enough that it extends past the nail (see pictures below). The fur should stick to the nail once the topcoat has dried.

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