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werewolf toy
werewolf toy
werewolf toy from the movie The Wolfman

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Here are some free online werewolf games or any other werewolf game we can find for purchase.

Play Werewolves of London Game online for free… Play NOW!

Get the Werewolf Me app and transform yourself into a werewolf!

online werewolf games

Happy New Year!

werewolf ringtones

The game of werewolf

Play sims as a werewolf

werewolf wallpaper

werewolf games

Werewolf test

How to draw a werewolf

werewolf games pre movie review

werewolf tattoo

vampire games

Worgen on wow World of Warcraft, a race of “werewolves.”

Turn yourself into a Zombie with the Zombie App of the Dead by George A. Romero

Werewolf game for the iphone/ipod/iPad


The game is called Werewolf, and is available at the itunes sore as an app. This game is similar to the game of Werewolf where each player passes the (iphone) around in a circle.

Undead Alive

Werewolf, Vampires, and overlords! An online fantasy strategy game.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

On the official website for the movie there are a few free werewolf games to play.

The Book of Werewolves- by Sabine Baring Gould

Other cool stuff werewolf related…including werewolf art, pictures, images, werewolf toys, werewolf books,  Halloween costumes, music, and fact or fiction stories…

Werewolf books: Find out about some books on werewolves! There are a few werewolf books available to buy, which ones are they?

werewolf action figure: This is the werewolf action figure or werewolf toy from the movie The Wolfman.

Werewolf Loup Garou Stamp: A Canadian stamp with a  featured werewolf from the French lore.

Werewolf Christmas song: Merry Christmas Mr. Werewolf, lets sing you a werewolf Christmas song! la la la…

Werewolf tattoo: Searching for some werewolf body art? This short article gives some information on how to find werewolf tattoos.

Werewolf art: Here we are hooking you up to some websites that have some cool werewolf art to look at!

Werewolf creature creator: The Disney free online game that lets you turn yourself into a werewolf.

Werewolf gifts: Werewolf holiday gifts to consider for your favorite werewolf lover.

Animated gifts for myspace and website: Search this entry for some type of werewolf animation that you can embed to your myspace or favorite social networking site.

Halloween Costumes werewolf mask: A sweet halloween werewolf mask that is super expensive!

Werewolf Contacts: Werewolf contacts? Sweet! Check these out for your next Halloween costume party!  Of course, if you are human, real werewolves don’t need these.

Costume Ideas: Humans might need help choosing a costume for Halloween. Here are some ideas to get you started for the scariest month of the year, October.

Werewolf band video and tee: The band Bullet for My Valentine shows tributes to the werewolf.

Werewolf costumes: Fangs: A set of werewolf fangs to complete your homemade werewolf costume for Halloween.

Werewolf Paw Shoes: More accessories to your homemade werewolf outfit for Octobers Halloween, or for any full moon occasion…(human).

Werewolf Makeup: Girls wear makeup, and so do humans who want to be a werewolf. For Halloween humans will be scrambling to find this werewolf makeup kit.

Werewolf pumpkin carvings for Halloween: Templates, examples, and pictures of what a pumpkin would look like if it was carved into a werewolf.

Werewolf Costumes: Videos and instructions for the humans trying to look like the award winning werewolf imitator for Halloween or for a crazy full moon party.

Werewolf Halloween Cupcakes Design: nommy, nommy… cupcakes are awesome! Werewolf cupcakes are even more awesome! Unless of course you are a werewolf, then you might not think it is so cute to find a cupcake werewolf design, recipe, or instructions.

Werewolf Origami: The Japanese paper art form customized to the werewolf!

Werewolves anime: Manga and anime art form as some of the most popular styles around, it’s no wonder why they have started to feature werewolves.

Werewolf poem: The poem that is recited for the original 1941 The Wolfman movie.

Stereotype of the werewolf in toy: Humans are sooo predictable. They make more and more toys to look like werewolves, not even an original werewolf either, the werewolf stereotype! But if you are human this might be a good Christmas werewolf gift.

Werewolf mask- a werewolf quiz: Werewolves wearing flannel. Werewolf quiz A.

Layout myspace werewolf: Myspace werewolf layouts article.

Teen wolf costume for Halloween: Teen wolf costume idea that might be good for Halloween.

Werewolf comic books for horror comic fans: Search for a new comic? Check out this article on werewolf comic books.

Make a werewolf costume step by step: An entry on how to find step by step werewolf costume instructions for Halloween.

Werewolf sketches, drawings, pictures: You were looking for some werewolf sketches? Just the right place to look…

Werewolf burglar went to jail: This is the type of news story that give the werewolf a bad image! A werewolf burglar… yup…terrible

Werewolves fact or fiction: Are werewolves from London? and is the werewolf at constant war?

Wolfman Jack: This is not the House that Jack built, this is about a DJ named Wolfman Jack… Jack!

werewolf smoothie: Werewolves get just as thirsty of humans do… or is it humans get as thirsty as the werewolf? Whatever it might be, did you know that there is a place that makes a werewolf smoothie to drink?! sweeeet!

Werewolf masks: Lycanthrope or werewolf masks for humans who need a mask on Halloween!

Werewolf pictures photos images: Just a few werewolf images and picture to have a look see…

Drawing a werewolf: How to draw a werewolf, you know, if you don’t already know how to draw one.

Are you a werewolf poem: Self explanatory, a poem about werewolves, or IF you are a werewolf.

Cool awesome stuff not so much werewolf related…yes!

Jeepers Creepers Halloween Mask: This is the ultimate Jeepers Creep mask for your Halloween costume.

Harry Potter Voldermort Mask: A sweet Harry Potter mask that will sooth any Harry Potter Voldermort fan.

Wizard/Potter Halloween costume idea: Another Harry Potter or Wizard costume idea for Halloween.

Death Sentence vs Halloween: A short article about the movie Death sentence and a Halloween remake.

Halloween Homemade: A “how to” on some Halloween costume ideas that are homemade.

Teen Choice Awards: People love watching the teen choice awards, here is a quick review of the awards ceremony.

Michael Jackson Thriller 25 Year anniversary: An article of Michael Jacksons Thriller anniversary release.

National dog show: Ok so dogs are not werewolves, but there are a close ancestor to the wolf, and technically werwolves are wolfs. So here is an article on one of the past years dog show results.

Dogs in Guinness Book of World Records: Another entry for the wolf ancestor, check out this article to find out which dogs made a world record in the World record books!

Huge fossil bug found 8ft long: Ever wonder what the biggest fossil of a big that has ever been found? Yes? Check it out!

New Cloverfield movie: This is an article on the movie Cloverfield that swept word of mouth out and spread like a virus.

Adopt a lonely wolf: Wolves need home too! Some of you might be searching for a place to adopt a wolf. This is a good gift for wolf lovers during Christmas or birthday’s as a gift.

The evil horror clown: This is a person that made a clown generator that can manipulate the clown into a scary clown! Pretty cool for Halloween or to scare your friends.

Watch a wolf: This is a unique Christmas present or gift that gets you up close and personal with the wolves.

Scariest horror movie : What do you think the scariest horror movie of all time might be? Did you say The Exorcist?

Halloween music: A nice selection of Halloween music that you might want to play when you are looking for a costume, you know, to get motivated!

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