“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Moon Fang says:

    What happens if u are under 18

  2. Lupe says:

    @Moon Fang: It was just an example haha, but if it were my pack and those were the rules, I wouldn’t allow them in the pack.

  3. M says:

    Haven’t been on here in years. Can’t say I’m disappointed in how things have evolved. How is everyone?

  4. Verumiel says:

    Lupe, what is your favorite snack and favorite aquatic mammal?

  5. Tia says:

    @Lupe, I have been really busy. And yeah it sucks that I lost my job. I think one of the reasons I lost my job, is because I got kicked by a camel…I would rather get kicked by one, then bitten by one… 🙁 I forgot to put the nose line on. I was trying to get the other camel up with it. But when I did that, it tried to bite me. I moved back and it kept on going for me. Because I was in the back of the yard, I had to get to the front. I end up running and it kicked me and then started chasing me. If it didn’t stop, I wouldn’t be here right now… D: I was so scared, that as soon as I got out, I fall on started crying. I stood there crying until my friend came over. She had to stop her tour as well. It was my fault and I got yelled out by my supervisor because of it. And there was three other camels in there with me. I couldn’t go to the next yard, because there was more there as well. The only way out, was to run to the front of the yard.

    @Verumiel, Hey how are you going? 🙂

  6. M says:


    I doubt it. It’s been a good five or six years. How are you?

  7. Moon Fang says:

    Hello guys sorry i wasnt here I was very besy lattly

  8. conor says:

    was here. looks like you missed me. cya

  9. Jayden says:

    Are there any packs that will accept a slayer into their pack. (A slayer is a person that hunts and sometimes kills vampires and werewolves that hurt people (unless it is in self defense) I will protect any vampire or werewolf if they are being attacked for what they are. I may not be the same as you but I am just as dangerous as you. I also want to learn more about werewolves.

  10. Alvy says:

    hlww guys….! what’s up?

  11. Dark fang says:

    @jayden I have a pack you can join but just as you wish to know more about werewolves I wish to know more about slayers you’d have to join discord first tho

  12. Jewel says:

    I am new here and looking for a Gray Lupus Garou pack does anyone have one I can join? Also I am 100% wolf

  13. Jewel says:

    I have learned I could be a alpha female ( got a 95% on that) if anyone needs a alpha female

  14. Sator says:

    @Jewel Why don’t you found one yourself?

  15. Ace says:

    is there ay Vampire werewolf Hybrids on here, I think I need help.

  16. naomi says:

    I almost forgot about his website, hru guys? Long time no “see” haha.

  17. naomi says:

    Okay, so guys I have a problem, you know the guy I made the conspiracy about? Remember Dylan? (And if I didn’t meet you, hi! I’m Naomi basically I made a huge conspiracy about this guy and my school being a werewolf.) Okay so I need your help, I have his contacts and I say a lot of stupid things at 2am stuff like that, I sent him the message at 8am because I was pulling an all nighter. I was like- “hey dylan I need to tell you something that I should’ve told u a while ago” and ofc intrigued, he replied to me. He just said “ok” I was like oh s*** what the hell should I say? He knows psychology really well and can tell when people are lying to his face or sometimes over text plus he’s like the school “observer” so what I’m trying to say is I need a quick and efficient lie to tell him because I do NOT want to tell him the truth.

  18. Jäger says:

    Hi guys how have you all been good to see some new faces!
    @lupe sorry i didn’t get back to you on the Celtic languages discussion i have had a lot of school work to do but we can carry that on if you want?
    @noami i could try and help you but i can’t remember what is it that you don’t want to tell him the truth about?
    @ dark fang could i get an invite to that discord server i would also recommend putting it on disboard also how many members have you got?

  19. naomi says:

    @jager, (I would do the fancy “a” but its not on my keyboard sorry ab that) Anyways, its about the conspiracy, I made a huge conspiracy over the coarse of around 4-5 months. I guess I became a stalker? I kinda just watched him, but it had to be low profile because he could easily catch on, and I’m pretty sure he did. It was about him being a werewolf, and the whole theory but now I don’t know want to tell him. Should I tell him? We have a partly-friendship and I don’t want to ruin that, but also I try to forget about the theory but it always comes back and I just think more and more about it.

  20. Sator says:

    @Naomi Hi, nice to meet you, Why say anything at all? He will probably forget at some point, if he doesn’t forget and asks/texts you about it again say that you forgot because it wasn’t really important (you could give excuses such as homework or that you phone died but nothing outrageous). I’ve never had to resort to saying I forgot because I’ve seen that people usually never ask….maybe cause they don’t really care 🙁 ….. Choose depending on his and others perception of you or your public image. He will either believe you or know you are lying. Even if he knows you are lying, this lie gives you a lot of open ground and arouses less suspicion than other lies as you don’t need to keep track of them and/or maintain the illusion, he’ll just assume that you changed your mind and what you were going to tell him was something minor and, if he’s like most people, he’ll respect your decision. Best of luck and decide on something (doesn’t have to be my suggestions but I’d recommend it more) and stick to it

  21. Conor says:

    How about a double lie? You come up with a lie, then say another lie, at this point, he would not believe your lying.

    • Sator says:

      Yes, but its a dangerous game, there’s no guarantee that he will believe you and you run the risk of losing track of your lies,

  22. Jäger says:

    @naomi I think Sator’s idea is probably your best bet but that’s just my opinion. With the recommendations that people on the chat have made make your own decision on what to do hopefully it works 🙂

  23. naomi says:

    Yeah I think it worked! my chat got deleted for some reason but thanks 🙂

  24. Sator says:

    Quick question that I’d like all your opinions on. Do you think werewolves eat humans? and can a werewolf eating a human be considered cannibalism?

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