“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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    • Mariah says:

      Hey I need one of you guys to meet me at randallstown md in rolling rd preferably an alpha because I need to be bitten so I can escape this terrible human life for a little bit

  1. Mariah says:

    Hey I need one of you guys to meet me at randallstown md in rolling rd preferably an alpha because I need to be bitten so I can escape this terrible human life for a little bit

  2. Lupe says:

    Hah, yes we’re talking about “stuff” lmao

    @Mariah: For future reference, don’t do this. Sending out your personal info online is not only dangerous, it’s stupid. Regardless how rude I am, it’s the truth. No one sane is gonna come there, and besides, now that’s on the internet forever. It was very dumb to send. I really hope no one goes there, for your own sake..

  3. Sator says:

    I’m back!

  4. Lupe says:

    @Sator: Welcome back

  5. Spencer says:

    Is it okay to hold my anger in? I really want to scream and yell and break everything in sight. But I know if I do, then my life would fall apart and everyone would hate me. BUT, if I don’t, then I scared that when I transform, anger will cloud his mind and he might kill…

  6. Spencer says:

    And then there’s also the fact that, I bottle my emotions in almost 24/7. On the outside, it look ps like I’m perfectly fine. On the inside, I am a monster, ready to eat everything and leave nothing.

  7. Lupe says:

    @Spencer: You need a way to use this anger in a healthy way, much like something constructive. Have you tried sports?

  8. Spencer says:

    I’m trying out for track in spring; for now I’m in athletics

  9. Spencer says:

    And I’m in band and theatre, so
    Mental Anger: Theatre
    Breathing Anger: Band
    Physical Anger: Athletics

  10. Spencer says:

    Thanks, @Lupe

  11. Evaluna says:

    @Lupe hello ^^ and hello to u all new peeps

  12. conor says:

    everyone i have the answer to our issues

  13. Spencer says:

    I want to eat my coach.

  14. Lupe says:

    @Evaluna: Hey! Welcome back to the chat ^.^

    @Spencer: No eating coaches. Coaches are friends, not food lol

    @Conor: What is it? According to the world’s smartest AI, the answer to all of life’s questions is 42.

  15. Spencer says:

    Who am I allowed to eat?

  16. Noah the famous says:

    By the way I know u have 2 weaknesses I’m not afraid of u I could poke ur eyes out even if u did bite I wouldn’t care

  17. Noahthefamous says:

    Because I’m tough as hell

  18. Jäger says:

    Hi guys it’s been a while how’s everyone?
    @lupe Still see your dealing with the constant influx of new people and Noah lmao

  19. Spencer says:

    Is this normal? My friend has some dogs, and they are always around me. They do go to others sometimes, but they always come when I call them over. When other people try, they usually don’t. And whenever I growl, bark, or whine around them, they do the same. Is that normal for werewolves?

  20. Spencer says:

    Oh and Noah: DO NOT CARE. AT ALL.

  21. Ashlyn Swanson says:


  22. Ashlyn Swanson says:

    is anyone on

  23. Spencer says:

    Tough as hell huh Noah? You’ve also got the ego of hell: big.

  24. Lupe the Fabulous says:

    I’m using this name in spite of Noah’s name because I’m simply fabulous lmao XD I’m kidding, but in seriousness, that is a hilarious name. I agree with Spencer, his ego is hellishly large, I bet the devil himself would be astonished at his inflated ego. It’s kinda funny ngl 😛

    @Ashlyn: Yes, there are a few people that are active here, myself included. Response times may vary

    @Spencer: Hm.. it could be a werewolf thing but I’m not sure. Normally, that would just mean dogs like you, and you’re a dog person? There is a way people can respond to dogs to have them obey them and stuff. The second effect depends on the dog and their personality. Dogs can pick up on our emotions and intentions, which is how they’re able to detect if someone is dangerous or something, or if a person is sad.

    The werewolves I’m familiar with, in basic definition, are literally people that transform into wolves in one way or another – aka “wolf men.” The idea of superpowers was invented by Hollywood in many werewolf movies lol, which is why I’m considering other options. However, as a werewolf I suppose there’d also be wolf traits? Such as growling, howling, etc. but there is far more than just that. Since I don’t understand it entirely, I wouldn’t doubt that could be a werewolf thing, but I’d keep in mind it could all be just coincidence based on something else. That’s just my opinion at least, I hope this helped – also I’m sorry if it seemed too lengthy or didn’t help much.

    @Jäger: The wheel just doesn’t stop spinning, does it? Lol I’m doing well atm, just kinda learning how to balance everything time-wise. Also, I’m planning on seeing if it’s possible to turn someone into a therianthrope lol it might not be (don’t criticize if it isn’t) I’m just looking into it and might learn some other stuff in the process. Hbu?

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