“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Brody says:

    Ive contacted aliens

  2. Killa says:

    I want proof that ur real and not a lie

  3. I dont beleive ur real says:

    U suck

  4. Dude says:

    Dumb people who made a lie website

  5. Lupe says:

    @Person with a million names: Hey! I heard you contacted aliens? From which country might I ask? XD otherwise I have no reason to assume you or anything you say is legit. Also you seem like quite the troll, along with the person who came before you. Relax. There’s no need to get hyper.

    @All: If you had any sense to read my message, lycanthropes are people who, or who believe they, are or turn into a werewolf.

    Also aside from what I messaged before, I have legitimately no reason to address the idiocy I witnessed from the prior page so figure it out among yourselves. I’m out until something actually intelligent arises from your conversations.

  6. Xx u suck says:

    There from another planet

  7. Spencer says:

    Umm… what?

  8. Werewolves don’t exist says:

    If I went to London I’d run u over with my car and maybe I’ll be with the goverment

  9. Werewolves don’t exist says:

    If I was in London I’d kill u with my car by running u over

  10. The monster slayer says:

    Because u stink and ur a dummy and I would never get it through ur dumb little head

  11. Werewolves are fake says:

    U I meant u deserve pain and Missouri and I saw u are plastic

  12. The genius says:

    Is what I think because u don’t exist

  13. Spencer says:

    @All: if you don’t believe in werewolves, don’t like werewolves, or in any shape, way, or form abuse werewolves, please leave. We don’t need your negativity in here, take it some where else. And if you came to a site about werewolves, JUST to say that they’re not real, then please, what are you doing? We don’t care about your opinions, because they’re just that; opinions. Thank you for taking time to read this message, and choose if you want to stay or leave.

  14. Lupe says:

    @Chao: I am gay, actually. I has the big gay XD

    @Spencer: You have a good point. While people can technically stay if they desire, no ones stopping haters or trolls from leaving. In honesty, I respect people’s opinions, and if they choose to not believe in werewolves, that is fine. They don’t have to do shit actually, cause they aren’t obligated over anything. Even if they aren’t, it would be preferable for negativity to leave, for people to assume logic, reason, and respect, and for people to not harm or abuse another person.

    If you were talking to me as well in that group, kudos to you. I am kinda curious what I’m doing here XD atm I’m here because I wish to be informative and provide information to others, as well as to share my own personal experiences regarding supernatural stuff. I do believe I said I’ve discovered how to manage my aura to shift to a wolf form during meditation? I haven’t done this lately but I absolutely enjoy it when I do. Other than that I’m relatively human and basically normal. In fact, I think I’m normal anyways, and I even have a sci explanation for what I said before. Aside from that, yeah basically I do have experiences to share. I’m curious actually, would it be possible to move my aura around? Like, it’s energy right? It’s basically my soul. If I can manipulate it, perhaps I can manipulate where it’s at? Or is it just attached to my body? Hm.. gonna have to look into this

  15. Priyance says:

    Oooo you believe in werewolf I also

  16. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    I do love werewolf and all of the movie

  17. U says:

    Wait unil the health inspector shows up U will be out of buisness for sure

  18. TRISTAN BUCK says:


  19. Dude says:

    I doubt people can become one if they never witnessed it themself

  20. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    ok want is your name by a way and do you want to talk because i do not have anybody to talk to i do have google meet

  21. wolf says:

    hi im a newr wolf whats goin on here tho

  22. TRISTAN BUCK says:

    hey do have a google meet so we can talk

  23. conor says:

    i go for a week and come back to this? sheesh. hi i guess.

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