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  1. TRISTAN BUCK says:


  2. Jäger says:

    @EmCWolf yea I am doing fine thanks. I have some exams this week so that what I’m going to be doing.
    @Spencer nice to meet you too, its good to see a new person sticking around I don’t think there has been someone that has stuck around since conor but I’m sure lupe will correct me if I’m wrong lol. When you say emoji codes I’m assuming you mean ” toilichte Oidhche Shamhna” this is Scottish Gaelic which is a language spoke in Scotland and a part of Canada called nova scotia where its called Canadian Gaelic. Since I’m half Scottish I decide to try and learn it to connect with my heritage better and I recently learn happy Halloween which is what that translates to so I decided to use it because of that and because EmCwolf was talking about samhain which as EmCwolf said is a Gaelic festival.

  3. Spencer says:

    @Jäger Umm…no. I was asking for the emoji codes to place an emoji here. It won’t let me do it from here lol

  4. Jäger says:

    @spencer ah right lol at least you have that info now if you were going to ask the only emoji code I know on here is the smiley face which is semi colon then right bracket. Have you tried if your on a phone just using the phones built in ones?

  5. Lupe says:

    @Spencer: Check the FAQ. 😛 if all else fails, use emoticons :p

    @Jäger: Conor first came on a while ago, I know there was someone else, I can’t remember their name XD they haven’t been on in a while

    @EmCWolf: Ah, I see. Thanks for the recommendation ^.^ in what way could “ph-shifts” naturally progress into m-shifts? It’s been some time since I last meditated like that, since the meditations I’ve done lately have focused more on calming down and relaxing than focusing on that energy. Since it’s been a while, it was more difficult last night when I tried it, but I feel if I meditate like that every day for some time it might become easier for me again. But, I don’t wish to rush it, I’d like things to develop or progress naturally.

  6. Lupe says:

    Sator. That was the other one lol

  7. Spencer says:

    Question: Were any of you here during this sites active days and if so, what was it like?

  8. Lupe says:

    Me, I was. At least when the chatroom was more active. In honesty, it was dramatic to say the least. Stupid almost. I prefer this. Imagine a bunch of high schoolers and middle schoolers meeting together online to talk about nonsense relating to magical unicorns and spoons that have supernatural capabilities. I would say, with this current group if we ended up being more active here I wouldn’t mind that.

    As for the developers of the website? Yeah.. no. They weren’t that active since I’ve been on here. Maybe in 2018 a bit? After that it was very inactive.

  9. William devitt says:

    Hi my name is william TBH I don’t know if anyone is even still here but i just need some answers

  10. EmCWolf says:

    @Lupe It’s more the other way around, having started your m-shift means eventually as you strengthen your skill with tuning in to it, you’ll also begin to experience ph-shifts. Given what you’ve said, I’d say your best results will come from continuing your meditation and really sinking fully into the m-shift.

    A key thing to note (for everyone) is that you don’t/can’t ever stop or deactivate the m-shift. Once you’ve started it, it’s a permanent mental state that will always be present with you. What you do when you “shift” is simply focus more intently on that state of mind. It’s kind of like how you can tune out a conversation until something said catches your attention – it fades into the background pretty easily once you initially adjust to it, so there’s not the stereotypical “can’t fit in/control myself” issue as portrayed in the media.

    @Spencer I just type using the usual colon and parentheses and the site changes it. I’m normally on my laptop, but I’m on mobile now so I’ll see if I can use emoji from here too

    I’ve been on here sporadically since about 2015 or so. It was definitely a lot more tense during the active days as there was a lot of pure make-believe being stated as fact. You could tell there were people who were simply looking for attention or trying to be edgy/different, but they tend to fade away after a bit because they realize we don’t just give in to that sort of thing. I’ve never met/spoken to the developers themselves, but they did post more frequently in the past. Lycanhope was a user who had a very in-depth knowledge of things, but unfortunately they haven’t been active (that I’ve seen) in a few years.

    @William We’re around! What’s up?

  11. Lupe says:

    @EmCWolf: Oooh, so from what I gather, M-shifts can lead to Ph-Shifts? As for the other part, noted 🙂 from my experience, I’m not even sure if I HAVE m-shifted before. If I have, that’s great. My experiences with ph-shifting began when I started playing around with EM. (Energy Manipulation) I assumed that, if one can meditate and focus on their aura, and imagine it in a certain shape (the shape of a person), one could attempt to change that shape using EM into another shape. Initially, this had nothing to do with a wolf state of mind. Rather, just me messing with my aura lmao. But, thing about auras is, they show things about that person; the state of their being, energy levels, and spiritual and mental health. When you say that some therians eventually experience ph-shifts, this, along with what I mentioned above, means a therian’s aura would be someone different than a non-therian’s aura due to this change in state of mind. I can imagine as well, by messing with one’s own aura using EM, they might be able to replicate this? Hm.. perhaps it’s not even the aura, but rather just the nerves in the body causing a person to feel as if their aura is shifting? Or at least it could be that case for me. Whatever the case, I’ll let you respond to this. 🙂

    So, I have a weird theory. I believe the mind to change all the time. In fact, based on neuroscience and psychology, we know that people develop over time. This is because neuro-cells in the brain make new connections every day. Eventually, new habits are formed, etc.

    My theory is: if one successfully m-shifts, couldn’t they also be able to undo it by practicing the same technique they used to shift states of mind? Imagine the human mind and the wolf mind are two different states of mind. If one shifts to the wolf mind in the method you described, they’ve m-shifted. It’s a continuing thing. But, that human state still exists somewhere in their mind, that still makes them “human.” So.. could one also use the method described before to eventually undo the m-shift? I assume that part of you still exists, but I do think it’s possible to also push that state of mind back.

  12. Lupe says:

    Yeah, I kinda miss Lycanhope. Didn’t properly get to know him since I was a naive troll back then lmao I still regret our super long discussion, but that’s in the past.. either way, we can always build on what he taught and carry on his legacy? That’s my goal at least, though my method of going about it will be different than his.

  13. Lupe says:

    Accidentally put a p after Gmail and hit send before I could undo lmao

  14. Starya says:

    Hi, is there any real werewolf on this site? if so, email me if you’re searching for a mate and we’ll see how it goes.

  15. Lupe says:

    @Starya: Well, you are free to stay and chat here if you’d like 🙂 we’d love to have you! Though, this isn’t exactly a dating forum lol some here really are werewolves, but not everyone is trustworthy on this site. I’d keep a watchful eye.. lol

  16. Lupe says:

    Please excuse me if I sound uninformed or ignorant. I might not respond to the following conversation for a bit, but here’s an idea for a conversation:

    I confess I may not know much about therianthropy. I’m not sure what aura shifting has to do with mentally shifting, or if there’s any actual connection. (Previous posts were theories) I’m not sure I’m ready to explore the therian path yet, I’d rather get my college done first.

    If, in the future, I wanted to learn to m-shift, or if anyone wanted to learn about it:

    1: So, there’s a certain way that animals think, that I’m aware of. Instinct aside, I assume mentally shifting would go deeper than instinct. When meditating I can focus on this way a certain animal thinks, but I can’t seem to focus on shifting my mind to that animal’s mindset. It’s as if there’s a sort of veil or blockage, or a wall of sorts. Kinda feels like my mind doesn’t want me to do that. The following might give a reason why, but if there’s anything I can do, or if I should just continue trying at the mental blockage trying to break the veil, any advise would be helpful 🙂

    2: I’ve only tried this with wolf, but was thinking of cycling through various creatures, including some reptiles like salamanders. I understand therians range from wolf to zebras, to lions and bears. Not everyone is a wolf XD I once knew a coyote actually, but they’re long gone I think.. just because I was able to mess with my aura doesn’t make me a wolf lmao, I could be anything else.. I’m almost determined to find it tho. There’s no question, just wanted to discuss the topic of therians.

    3: I can respect others for believing in p-shifting. I personally can’t disprove it until I have hard evidence why one can’t at least partly p-shift. However, I don’t believe in p-shifting since it seems almost impossible. Either way, I’m not here to judge others for believing in p-shift, but if I’m told that you’ve p-shifted expect me to question lmao

    4: Just wondering.. is the reason this chat is so silent because of me? Cause, if y’all don’t wanna talk to me that’s fine, you can just go on talking together, it wouldn’t offend me.. perhaps y’all have been busy, or have better things to do. I wouldn’t mind the site being more active, just with more reasonable people is all. I miss Verumiel/Gabriel, Lycanhope, Fallenstar? Was it?, and a few others who’ve basically come and gone. Ngl I feel a lot of that was my fault, and I’m just being honest. Personal issues aside, I’m just looking for a community of people I can trust to talk about real life actual “werewolf” stuff, not the bullcr*p I see here frequently. With that said, I have little reason to be here atm, so for real this time, I’ll be signing off for a while.. will be back though to check up on this conversation.

    @EmCWolf: I’ll cya and Spencer maybe, and a few others later.

  17. Spencer says:

    @Lupe no way! You make the chat so much more enriching! It’s mainly because we all have our own lives and own things to deal with (don’t forget the fact that this website is as inactive as a park in a hailstorm) and we come back to check up on each other day by day. Don’t ever think that people don’t care. You give as much insight on werewolves as anyone else here. It’s not cause of you.

  18. conor says:

    im still here, just not as often. theres no reason for me to be active really. but in fairness, though embarassing, my case of chuunibyo was both good and bad, aswell as educational.

  19. Ur enemy hunter says:

    U smell like hoe and u are black

  20. Spencer says:

    @Ur enemy hunter Well you sound like an ass and are the definition of stupidity.

  21. Spencer says:

    @Ur enemy hunter: and thanks for letting me know my skin colour. It’s not like I’ve known for years and years or anything.

  22. Xxxtentation says:

    U dont scare me ur race is ugly

  23. Ha says:

    And i bet ur drunk 24-7

  24. Lupe says:

    @UrEnemyHunter: Also, we might all have the freedom of speech, but don’t call African Americans, or anyone of darker skin, ugly. It’s sad I have to stop my hiatus for a low-brained imbecile such as yourself, let alone for such a disgusting topic. It would’ve been better if you hadn’t posted @UrEnemyHunter. No ones gonna be racist on this forum, got it? Oh, and by the way, are you really that bored that you go on a website that discusses WEREWOLVES and rat out people for their race? -.- people like you make me puke. Go find a social media platform that cares about your pimple-minded ideals and take that topic there. Else, I’m gonna be mean to you and I bet you don’t want that. (By the way, this isn’t being mean; in fact, this is a generous warning)

    I’ll be fair.. if you have any questions or ideas to discuss about, relating to the topic of this site or actual information that’s useful to us, then feel free to share. Otherwise, be mature and don’t post here. I’d rather you call me a mutt or omega than have you talk to people like that. Shut your trap or I’ll find a way to shut it for you. (Ie. the mods of this site, using the chatroom’s rules of etiquette).

  25. Lupe says:

    In honesty, I think stupidity is putting it too kindly.

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