“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lupe says:

    Ok, I see..

    In other words, hope everyone is doing alright, hope your arm heals. I’ll catch y’all later..

  2. Spencer says:

    @Predaking bit skeptical of that ‘dragon magic’, just doesn’t seem real. But who am I kidding. Just a few months ago I believed humans and animals were the only beings out there. I didn’t even think I was one of those creatures.
    @Lupe ok so, in the middle of the night, I has a…vision, kind of. It wasn’t anything big, but it was the first I’ve had in a long while. I didn’t get it all down, but I remember most of it. Someone was talking to me, and I wrote down what I remembered.
    “You’ve grown today not just as a person, but as a being. Through strength. Through humility. Through kindness. Through boldness and bravery. Through knowledge. And most importantly, through respect for yourself and others.”
    There’s more, but that’s all I can remember for now. After the…man, I believe, said that, he used an branding iron on me and left a steaming mark of something that cut into my skin. The burn was deep, and I was in pain for a while, but that’s all I can remember. Not the mark, not the face, not the words. I’m sorry if this doesn’t help, but that’s all I can remember right now. And thank you for the aural notes. I’ll make sure the notes are saved.

    • Lupe says:

      @Spencer: Firstly, you sure it wasn’t just a weird dream? Lol cause those do happen. How did you know it was a vision? lol

      That is a very interesting experience, not really sure what it means. Perhaps you’re entering a stage in your life where you will mature, or will achieve something? As for whether it’s a premonition, I have no clue lol

      It’s no problem haha, glad I could share! Actually, those are based on the notes I’ve taken, which actually have sources and goes more in depth on everything. I was actually planning to share that sometime in the future, or perhaps I could just share the sources for you to conduct personal research if you’re interested?

      Oh, and one thing.. be careful. It’s one thing to identify with another species, and it’s another to neglect your humanity. Not saying you’re doing this, but I wouldn’t separate “werewolves” from “humans.”

  3. Predaking says:

    @Spencer: all magic ive come across is skeptical even the good kind and sometimes all types backfire, even to the ones with most experience anyways i am not the best at explaining anything so most of what i say is skeptical, but dragon magic is harder to explain for dragons than any other since my kind is very destructive and secretive, i barely understand it myself.

    @All: i might not gonna be able to talk for the rest of the week my family will be keeping me busy

  4. Lupe says:


    anyways.. hope your week goes well for you, I’ll cya around. I’ll be here I guess, probably, more than likely working on schoolwork or something..

  5. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Hlw everyone 😉
    How r u all?

  6. Lupe says:

    Well, nevermind. I can’t stop worrying about the type of energy I give off. I hate anxiety sometimes.

    Here’s a transcript from the notes I’m taking, to introduce the idea of energy manipulation.

    “In physics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form or location to another. If energy can be transferred over a location, then aura energy can also be transferred over a location (by a real means). This is the beginning of the theory of energy manipulation.”

    I plan to explore the means by which one can transfer aura energy. I might also start meditating with water again, that was always refreshing.

  7. Lupe says:

    @Alvy: Omg hi! It’s great to see you again. I’m doing alright, desperately trying to clean my aura (which is to say, I’m trying to stop being negative by meditating and focusing on positive energy).

  8. Lupe says:

    I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. I wish Lycanhope were here. I understand it’s his choice whether he’d want to be on here, but I feel atm rn is a good opportunity for him to return. Just my thoughts on it, since a lot of the bs from 2017 has passed and dwindled down..

  9. I see u says:

    I believe u wear costumes

  10. I know says:

    There’s fake proof on the web

  11. Lupe says:

    @I see u: Those are furries, not werewolves, though that is one realistic way to “become” a werewolf XD unfortunately no actual transformation occurs there, it’s literally just a costume.

    @Dude: Two questions, who is fake and what evidence do you have?

    @I know: Tru XD

    I can’t help but feel this was intentional, each by one person. “I see u dude I know” literally a message there. Clever 😛 now whoever that actually is, come out of hiding lol

  12. Trapper says:

    So U think ur real

  13. Lupe says:

    @Trapper: I’m confused, are you talking to me? What do you mean by me being real exactly?

  14. Moonlight says:

    hellooo @lupe ! I swear I feel kinda bad always being so inconsistent when coming on here but literally none of the original people are on here anymore 🙁 except you of course. how are things going ? Hope you still remember me

  15. Moonlight says:

    I’m honestly surprised there’s still people here. I’m 15 now and I first came here when I was like 10 lmaoo

  16. Moonlight says:

    I’m pretty sure I still have you on wattpad from that one time you gave me a test or something to join the pack xDxD

  17. Lupe says:

    @Moonlight: Greetings! I honestly don’t blame you, then again there really is no rule of consistency so I guess it’s ok haha! If by original, you mean been on the longest, then I guess me, EmCWolf, (probably you?), Predaking, and maybe Wolfy have been here the longest out of everyone lmao! Oh, and Tia. I saw her post a couple pages back, she’s probably pretty busy haha

    Well, let’s just say people never stop coming on this site 😛 I’d personally love to see more people online eventually lol

    My Wattpad? 0.o I don’t particularly remember giving you one. What was my Wattpad name?

  18. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    @moonlight I also, rmembr u 😉

  19. Lupe says:

    @Alvy: Nah, I didn’t forget it I still use it sometimes. I just wasn’t aware that Moonlight had my Wattpad haha

    Also, “Its also great that u nvr leave this site °.°” is.. that a good thing?

  20. Lupe says:

    >>Here’s a transcript from the notes I’m taking, to introduce the idea of energy manipulation.

    “In physics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form or location to another. If energy can be transferred over a location, then aura energy can also be transferred over a location (by a real means). This is the beginning of the theory of energy manipulation.”

    I plan to explore the means by which one can transfer aura energy. I might also start meditating with water again, that was always refreshing.<<

    After reading through my message, I realize it wasn’t a good introduction to energy manipulation..

    As a disclaimer, EM is nothing like Harry Potter-type magic, or etc.

    No one starts off perfectly either, EM can take months for some to learn or practice.

    Energy manipulation is manipulating the energy of one’s own aura, or sometimes the energy of other’s aura. Energy can be described two ways: either the “vibes” one gives off, or as the pliable spiritual energy (the aura itself)

    It may seem counterintuitive, but a lot of EM requires imagination. The root of change in the mind is first the imagined destination – then, the course of action that takes you there. While not everything is possible for man through man’s own power, man can accomplish almost anything with the power of imagination, the right tool, and the know-how of how to use it.

    In this case, the mind is a tool. The main tool we use is the mind, in energy manipulation. I had a theory a while back, the mind is connected somewhat to one’s aura. The mind runs on electro-chemicals, which means it releases energy. Since the aura is energy, the aura picks up on the mind’s energy and expresses it spiritually. The aura is a result of the mind.

    If we can learn how to change the mind, we can learn how to alter the aura. Similarly, if we imagine our aura doing something and believe it to be, something like that is bound to happen. Keep in mind, not everything is possible with EM. It is, after all, simply an aura around you. Here are a few things I found so far to be possible:

    1: Releasing energy, giving energy

    2: Gathering energy, taking energy

    3: Moving energy around one’s body

    4: Picking up on, reading other’s energies (empathy)

    5: Protecting oneself from the energy of others

    6: Shifting one’s aura using #3

    7: Altering energy of others, interfering with their energy

    8: Resetting energy, cleansing energy

    9: Giving off stronger/weaker energy

    10: Aiding in, or involving, any psychological functions (consult doctors and actual professionals for actual professional help, aura manipulation doesn’t help one recover from sickness, unless it has to do with aura sickness)

    11: As referenced in #10, using #7, helping cleanse other’s energy by interfering with it over time and teaching them how to cleanse energy.

    There is a practice I enjoy doing that involves EM and psychology. I put my hands in a sink and let them sit there while the sink fills up with hot water. I wait for the water to completely cover my hands before I imagine myself gathering energy, I feel my aura and picture the energy from the water flowing into my aura. If you want a scientific explanation, the water is hot so it has a lot of energy. If an aura is energy, then theoretically the heat from the water would increase my aura’s energy.

    After I do this, I drain the hot water and replace it with cold water and do the same, except I feel myself releasing energy into the still, cold water. While I do this, I imagine everything that bothers me, everything that gives me stress, and imagine the energy flow into the water. While I do this, I chant to myself 7 (or more) times: “I let go of my past, and I have control of my energy.”

    I did this a couple days ago, and I felt wonderful for a few days. After doing this, I felt I had a clear head, I felt in control of myself and my life, and I felt optimistic.

    I understand my explanation of EM might’ve not been the best. If anyone, such as EmCWolf, has anything to add to this, or any better way to describe or explain EM, I wouldn’t mind the discussion ^.^ I’m really only here to answer questions relating to the “supernatural,” or the abnormal. I’m also here for discussion on complex topics such as EM or M-shifting/Ph-shifting. Other than this, I have no real reason to respond here, so I think I’d prefer if I was kept out of casual conversation. Hope y’all have a good day, I’ll catch y’all later.

  21. Bro says:

    Lupe u stupid

  22. Bro says:

    I will become a werewolf unlike u stupid

  23. Bro says:

    lets shadow ban lupe cuz he stupid werewolves ftw!!

    • Lupe says:

      @Bro: Imma boycott this lol, also provide evidence why I’m stupid please, otherwise that’s just another useless statement.

  24. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    @lupe ,yah its good… To see u here as alwys

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