“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. XREAPERX says:

    I have a-most likely, senseless-question, but how exactly can, or could, you recognize the signs of a lycanthrope being.
    Honestly-not sure if I asked the right question or even worded it right, but hey-dire times call for dire measures.
    Although, I’m sure that is not how one would say it.


  2. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    @XREAPERX.,,,,,,,,, @lupe is here to answer your ques. Properly! Lol

  3. Lanora says:

    Hi I’m lanora my werewolf name is abacto bleeding piupus and my nickname is The friendly mystical werewolf I’m wondering if any of you are looking for a member that is missing from your packs let me know

    • W.R. al D. says:

      Hi abacto bleeding piupus i think ur cool my name is White Rage al Dente (its italian) and i also dont have a pack maybe we could make a pack together? im an omega 🙁 kinda sucks but i was born like this and people bully me all the time they say my pheromones smell like sh*t are you an omega too id like to be friends with more omegas and i was kicked out of my pack for being friends with a vampire hybrid his name is big fang but his mom calls him alberto but thats not his true name also im new here so hi everyone has anyone p shifted while durfing cause thats why i got kicked out people think im too violent for an omega too so im really quite now but when i get mad i get really mad maybe the doctors are wrong i hate being an omega well i want to be friends with you so please reply :3 alberto says hi too his fangs are out and he is hanging from my ceiling its really cool

  4. Noah xox says:

    Hey Um I’ve seen u in the forest

  5. Noah lol says:

    U know how u sense when someone is felling down

  6. Brimstone says:

    Hello! I have some questions regarding supernatural creatures in general. If anyone has any information about the possible existence of (physically) winged animal human hybrids, and ghosts/demons? I’m curious.

  7. love says:

    hello werewolf site. It is my birthday month. My birthday is on may 15th. I don’t have any idea why I announced it. I forgot to check up on this site. My time on this has changed from 8:00 to 12:30.

  8. love says:

    @Alvy: I am actually a mix of the
    Sorry that I have not been on the site for a while. I still am 12, so I have family problem.

  9. warwolf267 says:

    . Hi I am new here and I was wondering if there is anything I should know? Also I would like to know about pack life just in case I come across one. I have seen wolves pass by. There was a White wolf Traveling with a Black wolf and they were Traveling east, I didn’t approach because I don’t know much.

  10. love says:

    If you approched them, they would run away and I think they might have been going to there pack.

  11. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Not a prlm @love
    But do u love anime?

  12. love says:

    I love anime so much and some times I imagine me being in it.

  13. Noah says:

    Is ur safe to go to london

  14. Noah says:

    Cuz I heard there cameras everywhere

  15. Noah says:


  16. love says:

    I believe the camera thing is true, but there are probably a lot of places with no cameras

  17. Aishwarya says:

    I want to become a werewolf or vampire amy one of them .
    So what should i do please tell me . I wanna help the people with my powers . There is panedemic in world and also chaos and crisis in my country .. please if anyone can turn me then reply me on my email
    @[email protected]

  18. love says:

    to be honest, the best way you can is to use a spell. One of the people on this site used a spell and became one so, try to find a safe spell or a safe witch.

  19. Lupe says:

    The secret to spell casting..

    Belief.. and imagination.. without such, no magic is possible.

    Above all else.. the key to successful spell casting.. is common sense.

    I believe.. all magic comes with a lesson.. spells to attract love teaches one to let love be natural and real.. spells to turn into a supernatural being teaches one.. to believe in themself, and appreciate their humanity.. if you can appreciate the human side to you.. and you are thankful for who you are.. only then will it be wise to consider such a thing.. even then, many would choose to not indulge in it anymore.. because most cases, people don’t appreciate who they are..

    I want to open up the Wolf side of me, and explore that part of who I am.. because, it’s who I am.. I feel if I can appreciate that side of me, I’ll be closer to who I truly am.. but I can’t appreciate that side if I choose not to appreciate the human side to me either.. after all, I’m human too..

    I may not physically shapeshift, but I know what it’s like to constantly seek something to change myself.. maybe instead of a spell to become a werewolf or a vampire.. why not a spell regarding luck, well being, or protection? I feel that’s a better direction for what you’re going for.. but it’s up to you.

  20. love says:

    @Lupe :wait, you are back on.

  21. Lupe says:

    I’m just leaving a message, though I’m not sure if you guys really want my feedback or anything.. just wanted to stop by I guess. Hope that’s ok

  22. Lupe says:

    Guys, I think I’m in the m-shifting process.. I think. I spent 15 minutes meditating and focusing on the veil on my mind until it hurt, and suddenly it was like I was “remembering” all of these instincts. Well, that’s a way to put it..

    More or less, I felt that veil lifting, and I felt like a part of me was finally waking up.. and tbh, it felt really good. Any therians or mental shifters, or werewolves who might know stuff out there, (or if you just wanna respond lol) message your thoughts and let me know if this is part of the process. I’ll wait for your response.

    Idk if what I’m feeling is m-shifting, but tbh it was kinda hard to act like a normal human and pick up my phone. I kinda had it in my mouth for a minute XD

  23. Noah says:

    By the way is it true u have to drive on a different side of the road

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