“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Noah says:

    Also how many of there are u in London

  2. Noah says:

    Just asking cus I’m planning on moving there someday

  3. Noah says:

    Cuz I mean I’ve heard a lot about it and also my friend is nearby London

  4. Ryley says:

    I don’t feel human idk what I am can anyone help

  5. Ryley says:

    I don’t feel human idk what I am can anyone help

  6. Ryley says:

    Idk what I am can anyone help because I’m not human amd don’t feel human

  7. Ryley says:

    Idk what I am

  8. Ryley says:

    Can anyone be my friends that’s a werewolf

  9. love says:

    umm, you said the same thing multiple times

  10. Lupe says:

    I have an update.. I did a lot of research, and conclude that there’s a good chance I’m a Therian. I’ve carefully consulted a few sites that seem reliable, and have evaluated myself and questioned myself. There’s a good chance I’m a therian, but there’s a small chance that I’m just crazy lol

    Currently awaiting any legitimate therian to come onto this site.. I can’t trust other communities or chat rooms with this, since I don’t want to join anything illegitimate or fake.. I’d rather get opinions from others to point me in the right direction.

    @Ryley: well.. what makes you not feel human?

  11. love says:

    what sites did you go on. One said I am a vampire and who knows if that’s true.(I hope it is a fake site).

    • Lupe says:

      It probably was fake tbh. Could you share the link to the site? Copying and pasting doesn’t work on this site, cause it’ll stay on moderation, so you’ll have to put spaces between the letters. I can remove the spaces and visit the site.

      I’ll share a list of sites that I’ve visited to determine this.

      Btw, it is difficult to tell your significant other about being a therian lol, I have lots of anxiety about this. They seem to be taking it well though. I trust them enough, so I wanted to share this with them. I’m glad it’s working well so far ^w^

    • Zelda Claw says:

      don’t trust sites.
      none of us went on any sites, you don’t need a site to tell if ur a werewolf or not..
      if u transform during the full moon, that means ur a werewolf. there are so many other things, leading to the fact that one, may be a werewolf..

  12. love says:

    h t t p : / / w w w . vampire website . n e t / and how old are you.

  13. EmCWolf says:

    @Lupe I also consider myself a therian, so you’re in good company! I’m glad you’ve been able to research and find a label that fits who/what you are. Therianthropy is a pretty common…category, I guess? of people like us, so there’s plenty of info out there. Glad to see you’re doing well! Would you be able to send me your email? I think we lost touch when you swapped addresses.

    I’ve been staying busy (college is running me into the ground tbh) and dealing with the loss of my aunt and more recently my uncle, so I haven’t been active here much but I’ll try to be around more.

    • Raven says:

      so does anyone over here feel like theyre not quite human?
      cuz i actually might be able to help if anyone needs it. i am not a human per se, but im not one of those self-claimed werewolves or vamps

  14. Raven says:

    anyone thereeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????

    • Tanya Thorn says:


    • Whitewolf says:

      Hey raven I think a may be a werewolf but don’t no how to shift the closest I’ve gotten was 1 night in the mirror at home I was really angry at the time and as I was looking in the mirror my brows were a lot bigger and my nose was flairing also my top lip changed shame and I was extremely aggressive and exited at the same time I felt amazing and I went threw a phase of my mouth watering in supermarkets I once bought a burger from the local takeaway and once I was eating it I once again got really excited and felt my face change shape I also felt like I had enlarged teeth only for a thew seconds. I’ve always had a love of wolves sometimes on a full moon I just feel different and usually go for a late night walk as I feel the need to be out thanks in advance for your reply

  15. Lupe says:

    Hey EmC, good to see you around. My current email is [email protected] gmail . com. I’m sorry to hear about your family.. if you need anyone, just shoot me a message and I’ll be there. Thanks anyways! I’ll see you there.

    @Love: I’m currently 20 years old. I can see the site you shared fits the common status quo, but I don’t believe it is that scientifically accurate, nor accurate to what an actual vampire is. It is more pseudoscience than anything tbh. I visited a plethora of sites, that way I got opinions from multiple places and broadened my perspective. I’ve even talked with others about the topic as well.

  16. Raven says:

    so does anyone over here feel like theyre not quite human?
    cuz i actually might be able to help if anyone needs it. i am not a human per se, but im not one of those self-claimed werewolves or vamps

    • Lupe says:

      Please explain. You still have to admit to being physically and biologically human, even if you don’t identify as such. What are you, if not “human?”

  17. love says:

    well, I am a new born teen

  18. Lupe says:

    @Love: There’s no such thing as a newborn teen.. unless you mean you’re 12. In that case, why the hell do you even have internet at that age?

    It seems this site is filled with just wannabes and children, no one who I used to know is ever on anymore.. I might as well migrate off this site. I really hate how people just move on like that and leave you behind.. I have no friends on here anyways.

  19. Lupe says:

    Well, EmC seems to be here, it’s basically just her, maybe Evaluna or Alvy if they still come on..

    @EmCWolf: I’ve finally grown tired of this place. It’s up to you if you want to, but I’m gonna just leave here. You have my email if you want to contact me.

  20. love says:

    I am one year older and I please don’t say that. I am a foster kid and I never got a chance to be a kid. I believed I was one when I was maybe 6. I am sorry, so I will leave the site forever.

  21. love says:

    or until I find out I am a furry and not a werewolf. or the opposite

  22. Tanya Thorn says:

    I am sorry. But what the heck is going on here? Half of you are just kids who aren’t really anything. I’m a vaewolf. Does anyone here who is actually something want to be friends? I don’t have many supernatural friends since I moved away from my old home.

    • Raven says:

      im a land walking siren. my mother’s side of the family has many banshees.. i am a mix of them both. i can be friends if u want

  23. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Well,i used to blv that i’m some kind of supernatural or something ..
    But thanks to @lupe, he helped and made me blv that, i’m nrml prsn like others………… It’s abut 3 yrs i understood that……. Now, i have a great bf…he cares me a lot….he also helped me….i was in the darkness…. Totally… Yes, i was confused in 2017…… If i am half vamp or not…..but i nvr thought i ‘m one of them
    But it was @Wolfie he made me blv that i wasn’t human……. And brainwashed me……i was so much in love with him…. That’s why i blved his every liles and roleplaying…. I don’t know but somehow i fell in love with this stranger….without knowing him…..
    I miss him sometimes….bcz he was my 1st love mybe…
    But my current bf…i ‘m with him about 2.6 yrs…, i’m so hpy….

    [email protected] and others tried a lot to help me….yes,it worked now, i’m very hpy, living a nrml life……

    U peps r also human….stop acting…come to light…u r not some kind of f**king suprenatural thing…… U r mistaken……. Don’t blv in such shits…..
    Try to live a nrml life…..
    Who knows if these things actually exists or not….

    • Raven says:

      actually, idk abt werewolves and vamps and stuff, but banshees do exist… and im not just believing it for the sake of not being normal or anything, but being banshee runs in my mother’s side of family and it skipped a few generations and passed on to me.

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