“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lupe says:

    Ahh.. back to my roots. This place was inactive while I was gone. Btw, whoever “Rogue Demon” is, could you contact me here? I received your email but I still can’t connect the dots yet.. sorry about that. I promise I’m really trying, could use some help.

    I sorta agree with Clevr, and regrettably Noah on this (tho I have no clue what they’re saying).

    So far as proving what y’all are, nothing anyone’s said so far have proven anything.

    It’s all just broken nonsense, there’s not even patience enough for a conversation lmao

    As for “Love,” I accept your apology, though I’d probably keep my distance from that person, they seem dangerous lol

    • love says:

      I live with her

    • The Masked Wolf says:

      Lupe? Joe Lupe? The Lupe from back in the years of 2017-2018? Where is Eclipse, and how have you been?

    • Shawe says:

      Hi. I don’t know you. However, I recently found this site. Been watching the comments waiting for some real individuals to comment. There seems to be a lot of fakes on most of the old sites now. Anyway, hoping this site still has legitimacy.

  2. W.R. al D. says:

    Looking for mormon werwolves to be friends with also wpould rbe really cool exuse me if i get mad i get mad really fast

  3. Vicky says:

    Hi, I am new and is wanting to meet and be friends with a werewolf. I am drawn to this world and I want learn more

  4. Melanie Willis says:

    hi i love were wolfs and i thin i might be one im 11 and love howling moonwalks and running a LOT so pls get back to me if your a were wolf

  5. love says:

    this may be a site for supernaturals but I accidently broke a snails shell. This is an emergency. I am worried if he is okay

  6. Lupe says:

    Update: I’ll only respond to important messages from now on.

    @Masked: Yes, it is me. I’ve been ok. Not really interested in these minor messages I keep seeing so I’m ignoring this site. I hope you’ve been alright too, it’s been years.

    • Lupe says:

      By “minor messages,” I merely mean unimportant messages, or messages with a lesser importance.

  7. Ravi says:

    Hi my name is Ravi and I’m 19 years old. I need advise and help. Everything about my past is obscure. I was adopted at two, and any record of my parents is false. There are given names for my parents but when I looked them up they don’t exist. I’ve struggled with a severe temper ever since I was a kid. People say my eyes change different shades depending on my emotions, and of recently I’ve developed a liking for rare meat. All my feelings are to the max. For example, if I’m mad I’m beyond mad. If I’m in love with someone,it’s more than just a small feeling. If I’m sad, I feel like I’m drowning in an ocean. When I talk to people ive always got this feeling in the back of my mind to strike. Ice got more hair on my body than usual, and there’s this one weird thing. The sun just drains me of energy, but I feel more alive at night. My mood is constantly changing and it scares me. I used to be a skinny kid but then I just naturally buffed up. And I don’t even go to the gym!!!! What is going on to me?!?!

  8. EmCWolf says:

    Ravi, I mean no offense, but it just sounds like you’re experiencing the normal highs and lows that come with maturing into adulthood. Have you tried looking up your parents’ info since you’ve been 18? From what I understand of the adoption process, some records remain sealed until the adoptee is of age (18 in the US, I’m not sure about other countries). Best of luck as you continue your journey!

  9. Brody says:

    I need help

  10. Brody says:

    I need help I had recently been driving home from a football game when I saw something in the road I went to check on it then it bit my arm I went to the doctor and the gave me some stitches but then it was gone I’ve had bad lung capacity in the past but I haven’t had the need for my inhaler I’ve talked to only a couple people but I need someone who knows about this stuff

    • Niklas says:

      I’ve had the same problem!! I mean, its completely different, but anyways, have you had any other symptoms that… arent really associated with bites from animals?

  11. Shawe says:

    This is an interesting site.

  12. Niklas says:

    Ok so I’ve been to like a million different websites and asked on so many forums, but a lot of people have shut me down. So im trying my shot here.
    Long story short, I got in a car accident and I guess it was bad enough I wasn’t supposed to survive it. But – I still did. When I woke up I felt waaay different. I was extra tired, I avoided people, and the feeling of the sun hurt bad. And don’t get me wrong, I know that sound like a “personal problem” or whatever but I also have these creepy looking bite marks on my neck. Yeah. That hollywood kind of stuff. And that’s not it – I’m able to lift things I never would have before. I can run miles without breaking a sweat, and I constantly crave… well… blood. After the accident I kept feeling more and more tired no matter how much sleep I got or how many monsters I downed. Then, I know this sounds bad. I hate it too, but I was at the hospital, you know, car accident sleep deprived and all, and I kind of maybe took one of those blood bags they had. And… it was actually good. It was so good, in fact, that after that I got my energy back. I felt wayy better! Ive been craving it since, but I won’t dare do that again, nor will I actually… bite people. No matter how much I want to
    I highly suspect vampirism. Which I know is kind of immature and weird and makes no sense, but what else could be happening! Did a vampire “save” me from the accident? Did I somehow become one when it saved me?? This sounds completely insane! Help!!!

  13. Rogue says:

    @Lupe that was me, I forgot about that haha, I remember the email I used so maybe you can connect it from the pfp, don’t remember the name I had though

  14. Shade says:

    Hello, I need some help if anyone wouldn’t mind. I’m 19 and the only daughter out of three siblings. Somethings going on with me and it’s really weird. My brothers said they felt the same thing when they turned 18, but they haven’t felt anything since. Can someone help?

  15. Lupe says:

    @Shawe: Good luck finding legitimacy here. Good to have you though.

    @Rogue: Oooh yeah I remember I think, we’ve definitely talked before, it’s just been a while lol seeing the weird monster pfp helps me recognize you better XD

    @Ravi: Uhh it seems your body is developing XD as for your mind, possibly some sort of intensive personality thing is my best guess. Nothing supernatural thus far.

    @Brody: Teen Wolf, the series?

    @Niklas: Clinical vampirism and possible mental disorder caused by brain damage from the crash. Some people claim to feel werewolf transformations though never actually transform. It’s possible your mind is tricking you to think you are tired, then releasing hormones when you have blood. As for the strength thing, I wouldn’t go there. Everyone differs and it’s possible healing from the car crash made your bones/muscles stronger.

    • Rogue says:

      haha, yeah, the pfp is fairly telling about who it is

    • Niklas says:

      Oh. That sounds… fun. I hope that’s probably the answer… and thanks XD you’ve been a lot more helpful than the people on Quora
      Anyways, this creepy old guy down the street keeps sending me obscure messages in the mail. Things like, “I know what you are” and other creepy stuff. To be honest, he’s probably crazy. I’m still gonna visit him today in case he does have any helpful advice, or if I legitimately have to call the police or something

  16. Midnight says:

    Nudges ant on here are actually my kind

  17. Lupe says:

    @Rogue: Yeah, like I really couldn’t pin it down until I saw the combo with your name and pfp lol I hope you’re doing alright XD

    @Niklas: It’s no problem, it’s why I’m here lol. People here are so obsessed with the supernatural they think I’m crazy for having these conclusions XD also did you know humans only really use a certain percent of their muscle power? It’s just that when humans use 100% when not used to it, it can cause their body damage. Also when bones break and muscles tear, they both tend to go along the process of strengthening.

    That’s actually why I disagree when people say their bones break while transforming ^^’ if they keep transforming from human to werewolf eventually they’re not gonna be able to transform back because their bones would be too strong to break from that. I think that humans retain their human skeleton while in wolf form, and possibly enter a subconscious state of regeneration (that occurs normally when asleep) that transforms them to look like a werewolf.

    The only thing is, this sort of transformation would take time unless the body can rapidly transform itself.. so far as drinking random blood from hospitals, I’d first be sure to be careful what kind of diseases could be in them. You could literally be drinking some sorta AIDS or COVID XD it’s a bad idea. Even drinking from animals would cause a similar sort of risk. You don’t know what the animal has ^^’

    Tell you what. Blood is rich in iron. You feeling tired could be the result of iron deficiency as well tbh. Try eating more meat, as they’re rich in iron. Just don’t eat too much ofc XD

  18. Rogue says:

    @Lupe I’m doing pretty good, been a bit since I’ve been on here, I actually entirely forgot about this site for a few years haha, I will admit the one you knew was a character put on by me, I was a dumb kid lol

  19. love says:

    hi, the stories became a bit more interesting.

  20. Niklas says:

    @Lupe – I did that right, right? Anyways, thanks for the help. I will gladly take that advice rn

    And for anyone interested, the old guy wasn’t home. No epic stories there :/
    I did in fact tell my friend about my dilemma, and he all the sudden wanted me to bite him. Both, so I could actually feel like I got a healthy amount of sleep, and so he could have my “otherworldly powers” (which I definitely don’t have!!) I refused of course, but thats been pretty weird. Especially since i’ve gone almost 3 weeks since I drank blood! Woohoo! I will sometimes go down to the basement and stare at it where I hid it in my freezer, but luckily I don’t have a disease so far.
    Other than that, I kept getting things checked out, and honestly, there’s no physical, scientific explanation to why I feel like crud all the time. It looks like im ok on iron. I might be anemic or something (Idk i just googled it.) as for the strength thing, I’ve just tried to ignore it. And excusing it for the “crash” bc that makes sense.
    Hopefully its all in my head. I don’t really want a bunch of people after me with pitchforks and stuff. lol

  21. Niklas says:

    @Lupe And yeah! I totally agree. I don’t actually really believe in werewolves and stuff… at least I didn’t… But I do think that regenerative thing could totally be true. (sorry forgot to respond to that earlier haha)

  22. Midnight says:

    Kinda new on this site starting to notice some are on here again

    My name is Midnight and I’m a seer white wolf hybrid I’m looking for information on Dark Wolves as in Shadow wolves any have any info ??

  23. Lupe says:

    Ahhhh these again haha I wonder whatever happened to mere Therianthropes and otherkin lol

  24. Midnight says:

    Yes other kin dark wolves shadow wolves have been hunting me for a year trying to find someone to help me understand them

  25. Tia says:

    @Midnight I can’t help you but I know a person that goes as dark wolf on twitch. Lol It is also his Xbox name, so I doubt it will help you. Lol I kind of pissed off his sister and him, because I’m friends with this girl that they hate. Their Mum believes in witch craft as well…. She even works with witch craft. O.o

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