Girl Halloween Costume Idea: Red Riding Hood

Here’s an easy-to-make homemade halloween costume idea for girls:  Little Red Riding Hood!   But put a twist on it and make it the werewolf version of Little Red Riding Hood!  All you need to do is dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, then accessorize with something werewolf related!  For the werewolf-related part you can carry around a werewolf puppet (see the pic below, she was carrying around a werewolf baby puppet and the overall costume’s effect was really good!), or you can get some makeup and put claw marks on your arms or neck as though you were mauled and are running away from the werewolf.  Even better, go with a friend that is dressed up as a werewolf !

What you’ll need for a Quick Little Red Riding Hood Costume:

  • flouncy skirt (white is traditional, but anything really will work)
  • red cape with a hood (if you don’t have a cape, you can make one pretty simply with some red material, just be sure to get a hood)
  • basket to carry around
  • Accessories!  Be creative with the accessorizing – any touches of werewolf will work!  (claw marks, werewolf puppet, friend as werewolf to accompany you, etc.)
  • little red riding hood costume

    Little Red Riding Hood with Baby Werewolf

    werewolf red riding hood costumelittle red riding hood halloween costume



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    12 Responses

    1. Aconissa says:

      This is PERFECT. I was trying to find a good thing to dress up as that wasn’t simple or predictable, but I got nothing. This is a great idea.

    2. alex says:

      @aconissa:yea if ur a girl though,and claw marks puts a twist on things,luky ill probabaly try to p-shift and see if im ready luky

    3. Greyr says:

      i dont like little red riding hood…. i like beauty and the beast.. i think the beast in the story was much more pretty than the lady though XD

    4. Aconissa says:

      @alex: That’s true… but seeing as I’m a girl, I think I should be fine. You on the other hand, probably not.

    5. Aconissa says:

      I am now sitting here typing in my red riding hood costume!
      I couldn’t find a white skirt so I’ve ended up wearing a black dress… which is fine though because it gives a certain darkness to the seemingly innocent little red riding hood 😀

    6. @Aconissa: that sounds very seductive…the fact your on this site deepens that allot lol. I bet you look all kinda of cute and sexy.

    7. @Aconissa: that sounds very…the fact your on this site deepens that allot lol. I bet you look all kinda of cute and adorable.

    8. Aconissa says:

      @◄ƱΓIΔH►ᴾᴷ_ᵀᴴᴱ_ᴵᴺᶠᴬᴹᴼᵁˁ: Thanks? I’m not trying to look seductive though… I ended up looking like a female dracula anyway, not little red riding hood

    9. Greyr says:

      @Aconissa lol XD

    10. says:

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    1. September 8, 2011

      […] 1.   Red Riding Hood – Red Riding Hood isn’t exactly a girl werewolf, but in some versions of the story, the “wolf” in the stories is actually a werewolf! You can dress up as red riding hood and hold a baby werewolf in a basket, or even go with a friend who is dressed up as the Big Bad Werewolf!  Or how about make red riding hood herself into a werweolf?? […]

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