girl werewolf

Where is the girl werewolf??

Well, werewolves are often – and mostly – depicted as being male – not only in artists renderings, but also in our minds. Do you believe it? Let’s do a test – if, for example, I was to say the word “werewolf”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, the first thing that comes to mind to a huge chunk of the population is the image of a hulking, well-muscled, sharp-clawed MALE werewolf! This imagery however doesn’t just stop with the word “werewolf” – look at Hollywood – even most current TV shows and movies depict male werewolves! Even the most current and popular movie depicting werewolves in Hollywood – Twilight – includes a pack of male werewolves. (Before I continue on, I do want to point out that I am talking in generalities…there are some notable exceptions that do depict the girl werewolf such as the movie Ginger Snaps which centers around girl werewolfs. Another exception to note is that although the Twilight saga does not really feature girl werewolfs in starring roles, in Stephanie Meyer’s later books in the series, she does introduce – one – yes ONE – girl werewolf.)  With all  exceptions aside, it is unequivocally hard to ignore the fact that the girl werewolf takes a clear backstage to the male werewolf.

Does the girl werewolf exist?

Yes, the girl werewolf does exist. There are however a few different reasons that she is not very well-known.  One of the reasons you do not hear much about her is that, humans want to hear about the male werewolf.  They are intrigued by the powerful male that seems to have so much more power than they do.  The girl werewolf just doesn’t interest them as much as they tend to think – unrightly and not truly so – that she is weaker and not so different from them.  Second, the girl werewolf tends to be more protective of her identity than the opposite gender.  While all werewolves have trust issues, the girl werewolf is especially protective, meaning that there are fewer girl werewolves that share their secret, and thus fewer humans that know she exists.  Third, while the girl werewolf does indeed exist, they exist in smaller numbers in the population than the male werewolf.



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  1. Hachina says:


  2. pklett92 says:

    Holland is still in lee. Hate to say I told you so. these dutch just have to much skill for anyone to comprehend lol. Orange all the way.

  3. Aconissa says:

    Australia failed miserably 🙁

  4. Lunar says:

    Never could get into soccer

  5. Aconissa says:

    Yeah I’m more into AFL (the main aussie sport, Footy) but everyone was talking about it at school.

  6. the10yearoldalpha says:

    so um yeah i have been looking for female werewolves any live in charelstown westvirginia

  7. Lupita says:

    Every one thinks I’m a werewolf why is it cuz it have sharp teeth like to run run fast go outside at full moon or wat plz tell me

  8. night wolf says:

    @lupita: maybe…is thereanything else that makes you think you are

  9. Lucky.... says:

    So I was wondering if their are any female werewolves that live in Georgia just a simple question..

  10. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Lupita: perhaps a psychologist could help by telling you your not a werewolf and that you will not become one and that the full moon does not influence you if not you will be sent to an insane asylum where you will spend the rest of your days as a mental case

  11. I actually think that female werewolves are stronger and smarter than the males.

  12. Oh the greys r a alein hostal hu2 like race with grey skin the human government sold are safty away 4 teck shortly after rosswell crash one alein servived

  13. So claim the cg something galactica

  14. Can i get turned if yes one scratch plz im 19teen plz be female Werewolf it would be weird otherwise

  15. I was exspermented on they ruined eys i used have perfect vision now i good at night plus during the day im near sighted

  16. lupine lupa wolf lycan werewolf worgen vixen

  17. I never get replys il just go back 2 cutting my self its been a few years

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