Half Vampire Half Werewolf

What is a half vampire half werewolf?  They are called werewolf-vampire half breeds.  There are two ways this could happen.  The first way would be if a werewolf is bitten by a vampire.  This is of course extremely rare – but conceivably this could happen. It does not work in reverse however – if a werewolf bites a vampire you do not get a half-breed.  The second instance in which you’d get a werewolf-vampire half breed would be if a werewolf and vampire have a baby.  This could happen, but it is much much less likely to happen – and I am not aware of any cases.  The problem is that werewolves and vampires do not get along, so it is highly unlikely that they would have children together. The only possible way would be if the werewolf would be able to trick the vampire into it while the werewolf is in human form.  This would not happen though because werewolves and vampires have been at war for eons.

If one of the two cases above does happen,  what you end up with is a creature that is a werewolf for all practical purposes – lives as human and transforms during the full moon.  This creature however  does not have a soul and it also lives forever.  The half-breed werewolf thirsts for blood only – not just to attack, but to eat, and it comes out only in the nighttime.  The werewolf-vampire half breed is much much more dangerous than a pure werewolf or pure vampire.



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1,472 Responses

  1. tanjila milky says:

    Hi! Here in this site, some peoples saying that, “my father is a vampire, my mother is a alpha, my grandfather is a vampire, I am a shapeshifter. ” ect. Are They all are lying or telling truth? Can any one tell me About that. I can’t understand anything of this.

  2. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @mikly I can call you labonno but I’ll still refer to you as milky lol! But anyways to answer your question, about 95% of people are either fake or just lying; also a fake. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but you know they are lying if you can make them contradict themselves. It’s too hard to keep together lies, when drilled about the truth. It’s much easier to hold by the truth for if you do so you will never fall. Unfortunately if what you believe is true is actually false, you’ll end up fighting on the wrong side. But since it’s your truth you keep it together therefore the truth loses. But later on, that person will realize and friendships will shift and they will fight for the right side and truth will win in the end. (Trust me that’s my story) but never give up on the truth no matter what and don’t let your truth be altered, nor alter your own truth. If something seems off, investigate. And another thing, if everyone around you is lying, just tell the truth and eventually their truth will come out. That’s why I feel science is such a good ally because true science mingles with truth.

  3. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    Whoops, I had messed up my email lol! Oh well.. but anyways I also believe that God is a great ally too because he coincides with truth as well because (as the Bible says) he is the way, the truth and the life. The truth is in that sentence – literally. But anyways, he is a great ally for he’ll never leave you nor forsake you. But who am I to preach to someone when they probably won’t believe. Wait isn’t that the whole point of preaching? To teach God’s words to those who don’t believe?

  4. tanjila milky says:

    Hahahaha okokok you can call me anything anyword. But should be good words. Hahahaha.

  5. tanjila milky says:

    And i think so that they all are lying. Because i asked my mother About Vampires. She tell me that, A famous auother was the first person Who was think About Vampires. And he also write a story About Vampires. After then this story became famous all over the world and The writter also. My mum also tell me that, Vampires can’t be real, it is a fantasy.

  6. tanjila milky says:

    Are the spells of to be a vampire or werewolf is real? Are They world?

  7. iris white says:

    Here all peoples are Christian, right?

  8. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Iris or whatever hi and no not everyone but I am one. Also btw isn’t that the same email used for @milky? If so why did you change your name? Also btw I’ve found it’s impossible to get a first try pic on the side which happens to be the same as the one previous of it so… good luck arguing lol!

  9. Tanjila milky says:

    I like to change my name. That s why i change name.

  10. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Milky that’s alright lol

    And wtf is going on? Also I’m a bit depressed but I can’t exactly talk to you about it…

    @daisy I am a bit confused what do you mean by that?

  11. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    Yolo btw I may go soon

  12. Tanjila milky says:

    @Legend Lupe hi i want to tell you something that why the peoples of 2012 in this site are all lying. Do YOU read their comments they all want to attack Humans. Ok i am go on their way that they are telling truth but they want to attack Humans. What do YOU think About it? If you are on reply me soon.

  13. Tanjila milky says:

    @Legend Lupe i think they all don’t know that Humans are not power less.

  14. Tanjila milky says:

    Humans are powerful too. I hope you know that when Humans are in danger they get together and attack the bad other’s . I wish If the peoples of 2012 are come this site and read my comment.

  15. Tanjila milky says:

    @Legend Lupe are you on?

  16. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    I am now.. and I have read that, if you read everything from the beginning I assure you that you’ll see many things, you’ll even see my early days on this site.. ah those were the days… but anyways, I am currently trying to read throughout everything but it’s hard because all of the bs is so freaking aggravating. But I think that they are fake because they bluntly claimed to attack the humans yet here we are living life like normally 5 years later. I wonder what went wrong? Lol! Perhaps the fact that they lacked the equipment plus were probably roleplaying… man I miss Lycanhope

  17. Tanjila milky says:

    Who is Lycanhope? He is Your friend?

  18. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @milky no, I wish we were friends, but we are more of adversaries. In our last argument I won and he left for good. Now I’m left with guilt and shame. But the thing is, even though I may feel this, it doesn’t mean I am guilty, for I didn’t know better back then. If only I could return and apologize we could become friends, but as far as I’m concerned he believes I’m the main reason he left, not only that but he got so sick of the bs on this site which had become simply put “deranged.” And now I’m getting tired of it too, but in a different way.

  19. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Legend Lupe. Ooo, so bad. So you two have some misunderstanding. When he left this site? Will he never come back again? What do YOU think About it?

  20. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    What was Your name on those days in this site? I like to know. Can you tell me?

  21. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Legend Lupe, I tell you something more that good friends are never leave other’s. Yes, they leave in their reality but after all all of this they can’t i mean never forget their good and best friend. They always keep remember them in their mind. And always remember that what those days they spent happily each other.

  22. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    Yes, wise words and I’m proud of you already. Granted we did have a misunderstanding but that was due to me being naive. Nowadays I question almost everything but there are a few things which I’ll always believe no matter what. However I doubt he’ll return to this site, but if he does for some reason I’ll make it right. However I went by many names. “JoeLupe” was my first, then “Valiant” “JoeLupe046” “JoeLupe the Knight” “Legend of Light” and finally “LegendLupe046”

  23. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Thanks. Nice names and cool names i was thought it might be you @Legend Lupe.

  24. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    What is alpha? I don’t know About it

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