Half Werewolf

The half werewolf is  a being that is half werewolf and half some other type of  creature.  Half werewolves are a pretty rare occurrence, though do exist.  The two most common forms of the half werewolf include the half werewolf – half human and the werepire.

The half werewolf – half human is the result of a birth, and not of an infection.  They are the result of a union between a full werewolf and a full human.  The resulting child would only be considered half of each species.  They would have some of the senses of the werewolf, but likely in a diluted / weakened state.  They would appear much more human than a full werewolf, and would have little problem resisting the urge to transform.  Many half-werewolf half-humans live their whole lives not knowing the truth about who they really are.  They feel different, but never have any kind of explanation for what they feel.   Their lifepsan is typical to that of a human, though most tend to live at the very longest end of the human lifespan. Most tend to keep a fairly youthful appearance their whole lives.

Werepire:  Another of the half werewolf subspecies is the werepire (alternate spelling includes werepyre).  Werepires are also sometimes  known as werevamps.  Werepires  are half werewolf – half vampire., and few exist in present day. The union between a werewolf and vampire is a very rare occurrence because of the different ways of life of the two species.  The chances of offspring from the vampire and werewolf union are just as, if not slightly more rare.  Many werepires spend much of their lives trying to fit in with one or the other of the groups, but are often rejected by both.

Other types of half werewolf: One of the rarest of all types of the half werewolf is the werewolf demon.  Similar to the vampire demon, the werewolf demon is a half demon hybrid that is considered extremely vicious and dangerous.  Werewolf demons are half werewolf and half demon.  They are not creatures that can be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.  They are extremely talented at disguising themselves, and can fool both werewolves and humans alike, however in their true forms they resemble humans only very slightly.



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87 Responses

  1. who is who says:

    ok now to know who is who ehhe if ya know what i mean. 😉
    ill leave clues to what is me. so ill hope or should i say hope youll never know.

    the moons light is much more beautiful in white and blue.
    reminds me of who i was, what i was.
    shining brightly from darkness.
    i cry ,howling….

  2. who is who says:

    a hint. in here you see three but in the two there is me. 🙂

  3. josh says:

    Ok this is where I come in…..I fall into the.category of half and half I have sertin trate of a wolf in a earlier comment a said I’m normal till my emotions get to me then that’s when I can feel it. I don’t change into full wolf just sertin things happen

  4. Kayla says:

    I am a half and half because of my great times 6 uncles . one was werewolf the other vampire. am i a freak and what am i called???????????

  5. Person says:

    I agree. i am the same, kayla. I dont think its a werepyre, but ill look it up.

  6. Carlos says:

    I Want To Be A Werewolf! Badly!

  7. lonewolf123 says:

    @carlos: No, you don’t. it hurts. its not worth it. and too much a risk. there is a 70% chance you will get killed. so do not say that. how about you stay human?

  8. Steve says:

    @carlos,I agree with the fleshie named Lonewolf123>

  9. Steve says:

    @Kayla: you`re called a werepire

  10. Panther says:

    @Värlôc: your alive , but the genaral said you died

  11. lonewolf123 says:

    Fleshie, seriously? how much more immature can you get?!

  12. black wolf says:

    ok finly finly someone who knows about things i do know i bet i am a half werewolf.

  13. black wolf says:

    i want to be a werepire badly no matter the risk ill carry a silver dagger covered in holly water.

  14. WolfyxXX says:

    im half wolf because i just looked at the moon it got blurry and i deep breathed and then it stopped i have most of the traits of a werewolf, and i get more powerful, athletic, and i get my powers when the moon around and if im inside during the day of the moon i cant eat and get depressed. ive never shifted but i almost just did soo. . . yeah help?
    i also have very high sences and good instinct

  15. WolfyxXX says:

    the other half is human. and i looked at this after the blurry thing. . . it was creepy how i just found this

  16. LIGHTNING878 says:

    im a werepire. its so hard to fit in. i wouldn’t change it for the world though!

  17. KC says:

    @LIGHTNING878: Can someon be a witch/werewolf and vampire? Just asking 🙂 How you going?

  18. Lelia says:

    Half were..half vampire..right.
    And witch? If you are talking about Wiccan, thats a life choice in a way, you are not born one.

  19. Tia says:

    @Lelia: I thought you could be born one? Is this right, what you do to a other person you get three back or something like that?

  20. Lelia says:

    Yeap, you don’t have to born a wiccan 🙂 And I believe you are talking about The Threefold Law. Whatever harm you do to someone is returned to you threefolds, viceversa for whatever you to good to someone. Same concept as karma really.

  21. Tia says:

    @Lelia: Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. How you going?

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    […] (Also see: Half Werewolf) […]

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