Halloween costumes- werewolf mask that will cost you $$$

I bet you are looking at this Halloween Mask thinking, “well, if I could wear that werewolf costume maybe I will be a werewolf for Halloween.” Well, you might have to think twice about dressing up as this evil werewolf for the upcoming holiday, the mask itself will cost you your arm and leg. Really. The werewolf mask demands your arm and leg before he allows you to present yourself as a werewolf!

Ok, seriously though, if you want to wear this scary werewolf mask not only will you have to cut out the holes for your eyes yourself, but you will also pay about $4,500 for this werewolf. This mask looks like it came straight out of a scary horror movie!!
The idea I believe is more for a display setup, the werewolf head will come foam filled so that it can be set on display rather than worn. If you bought this mask the last person you would want to touch it are the kids that you will probably be around or visiting for the holiday! Too expensive, but there are plenty of other costume ideas out there for your selection, don’t worry you still have time to find a mask, gloves, and special fx makeup, it’s all up to your imagination and or your personal selection of what type of mask you want, watch some horror movies to get some ideas of how scary you would like to be, most seasonal Halloween outlets are now open and have some selection for you to get ideas, visiting them would benefit you and your scary self, and possibly your costume will be better than ever…

Werewolf mask

Werewolf mask



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