mask Michael Myers

Is Michael Myers real?

Choosing a Halloween Michael Myers mask gets harder every year, there are soo many different masks to choose from. Every Halloween another mask designer has an idea to put out yet another Michael Myers mask, this includes the new Halloween movie by Rob Zombie…the mask in the newest Halloween was redone again!
So many mask choices, so little time, which one do you choose? Some of the Michael Myers masks look ridiculous, others, crazy! Any way you look at it be choosy when selecting your new Halloween mask from the large selection of choices. I’m sometimes unsure why they choose to put out such crazy ideas, but they do….good luck…Halloween is coming soon, you still have time to come up with costume idea…

Here is an awesome collection of Michael Myers Halloween masks.
Michael Myers maskMichael Myers Halloween MaskMichael Myers Halloween mask

Michael Myers Halloween MaskMichael Myers Halloween masks

Michael Myers Halloween maskMichael Myers Halloween costume mask

Mask Michael Myers, still one of the most popular costumes for Halloween.



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  1. June 13, 2010

    […] clothing will do for the rest of the outfit. Michael Myers.. Another traditional favorite, the Michael Myers mask would just entail getting a plan man’s face with brown hair coming out of it and holes cut […]

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