Halloween Trick or Treating Tips

It’s almost Halloween and almost time to go trick or treating! Here are trick or treating tipssome tips to make sure you get the most out of your trick or treating trip!

1. Have a good costume – Yes, of course everyone dresses up for halloween.   Adults who like to give out halloween candy love effort and creativity and the better your costume looks, the more candy you’re likely to get. You probably will also end up getting better and bigger candy too!

2. Go to houses with Lights on – Having the porch lights on is the universal signal that the house is open and ready to give candy! Don’t bother wasting your time at houses without the lights on, chances are they’re either not home or are halloween grinches who don’t give out candy!

3. Trick or Treat in Groups – This tip is good for two reasons. First, as a safety measure, it’s always good to be in a group of trick-or-treaters, especially since you will be out at night! Secondly, by trick or treating in groups you are likely to get good candy – the adults in the houses see a group of kids coming and pull out the big bucket – sometimes even letting you grab the candy yourself because there are so many of you!

4.  Big Trick or Treat bag! – Yes, you want a big trick or treat bag so you can hold more candy, but you don’t want it to look like a big bag! Here’s the easy trick to accomplishing that – bring a pillow case! A pillow case is the traditional back up candy bag.  You can also hold it bunched around the neck so it doesn’t look so big, but it will have tons and tons of room!  Also, a pillow case will never tear on you from the weight of all the candy!

5.  Check your candy before you eat it – everyone like to lay out their halloween candy after a night out in the neighborhood. You should be checking your candy not just to see what the best is and which houses to go back to, but more importantly check it to make sure it is safe to eat – wrappers should not be opened and candy should look fresh!

Happy Trick or Treating!



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3 Responses

  1. Leon / Burakku says:

    lol my family are halloween grinches

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    There was this one guy who gave me 10 bucks a long time ago 😀

  3. manalmighty says:

    my bro went as a monkey from the lazy song video

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