Happy Halloween! Don’t let the werewolves Bite!

Probably the best place for any human tonight is at home, with the doors locked, tucked away in bed.

Halloween is the one day that other non-human creatures can blend in with humans without being noticed…who’s going to notice a real vampire or a real werewolf or any other real werecreature when every human will be dressed up trying to create their own version?  Oh, there are ways that you can go about trying to decipher who is real and who is fake, but with so many humans out dressed up trying to recreate their favorite creature, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell who’s who! The safest place for humans? Home!

But if you are a human and you insist on being out because you WANT to see a werewolf, well, there’s not much helping you then is there? 😉

For those that live in Florida, check out An American Werewolf in London Haunted House at Halloween Horror House Universal Orlando – this is a haunted house recreating scenes from An American Werewolf in London! They are open halloween too! 🙂


If you live in Texas, there’s also Thrillvania Haunted House Park near Dallas, Texas which is ranked as one of the scariest haunted houses in America the theme of which centers around a psychopathic werewolf and his vampire bride!


Happy Halloween! And don’t let the werewolves Bite when you’re out tonight!!



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64 Responses


  2. she wolf says:

    @charitymayo:): Nah, It’s okay charity. 😉 I would have said the same thing if I was not only worn out from school yesterday.

  3. Thewolf fire says:


  4. wolfey says:

    @shewolf I’m just saying that you shouldn’t. Have. To tear his organs out

  5. wolfey says:

    Ok have a good evening

  6. she wolf says:

    @wolfey: Yeah I know but instead of tearing his organs out. I’ll say instead “I’LL JUST SPILL YOUR BLOOD CLEAR ON THE GROUND!!!”.

  7. she wolf says:

    @Madd Dogg: I’m on here every six hours.

  8. Madd Dogg says:

    @she wolf: K i feel Ya’ my apogees

  9. Wolfie says:

    @charitymayo:): ha ha ha very nice to that guy who was drunk that was epic! I saw it all! heck I was the first commenter on this article that was awesome!

  10. thx but i didnt have to do that they were right i just have really really reaally bad anger issues worse than they should it was funny though! you should have seen me i got a little out of control i nearly tore all my pillows in half i have trouble controlling it alot i really do try why am i even saying this?? (dont answer that!)

  11. Wolfey says:

    @shewolf its ok just do what been doing

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