Help I am in love with a werewolf

So you fell in love with a werewolf, now what?!werewolf love

Well, first of all, you made a very good choice in who to fall in love with.  Werewolves are among the most loyal, kind, and trustworthy individuals you would ever find.  There is no question that the werewolf you are in love with is worthy of your love.  So now what? What do you do?  In order to answer this question, the real question you should be asking yourself is how does the werewolf feel about you?

If you know the werewolf loves you back…

If you know the werewolf loves you back, then you are in pretty good shape.  You really have nothing to worry about.  A werewolf that loves you would never harm you – no matter how strong or dangerous he or she may seem.  He would risk his or her own life for your protection.   He will be loyal to you, and love you, and protect you.  Having a werewolf that loves you back can be one of the most rewarding relationships you will ever have.

If you know the werewolf does not love you back…

There can however be problems if you love a werewolf and you know that he or she does not love you back.  While a werewolf is unlikely to harm you for merely having such feelings, if you are very expressive with your emotions and he / she does not return them, this can be irritating….and it is not fun to be around an irritated human – much less an irritated werewolf. So what do you do? There are two suggestions depending on the situation.  First, is that if you know the werewolf absolutely hates you, you should proceed with caution, and make every attempt to move on emotionally.  While some werewolves may be flattered by your sentiments, you have to also keep in mind that many werewolves value their privacy above all else and will not look kindly upon someone that is seen as an “intruder” or “pushing themselves” into their life and thoughts.  So, if you love a werewolf that you know hates you – Keep your distance.  Move on.

The other situation is if the werewolf you love does not hate you, he or she simply does not know you.  In this situation you certainly have a much better shot, but you still want to layoff on an outright expression of love.  One suggestion is to mask your hearsick heart and opt for friendship instead.  Many werewolves keep their transformation secret close to themselves, longing for a true confidante but hardly ever finding one. If you prove to be a true friend that they can confide in and share their secret burden with, this could be the first step towards them opening up towards you, and this could eventually lead to a closer relationship and in return to deeper feelings.  A werewolf values a true friend above all.  So if they share their secret with you, you are well on the way to becoming very important in their life, and possibly someone they could love.  So remain open to friendship and see what develops from that.



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97 Responses

  1. StormRunner says:

    Total lol 🙂

  2. Kelly (just is) says:

    A boy band. Haha.

  3. jamz says:

    My bf is a werewolf he told me im one too he sence it. I didnt listened to him now im becoming one slowly

  4. Yay!!! I finally figured out how to make smaller comment bubbles! Hit the reply button!!! 😀

  5. lee ann says:

    how i envy the brilliance of todays youth…

  6. Kelly (just is) says:

    I have yet to see a spark in any of those after me.

  7. Panther says:

    Damn, I haven’t been on in much to long.

  8. Kelly (just is) says:

    Akward moment that just happened:
    a girl ran her fingers through my hair and said “good wolf.” not sure how to respond.

    • The same thing happened to me before!! Exept it was a boy saying it and for some reason every girl in my class likes him… exept me he’s freakin irritating!!!

  9. StormRunner says:

    Ok that’s very weird in my opinion. Did you even know the girl?

  10. Aack!! I misspelled except!!! NOOO!! haha! 😛

  11. Kelly (just is) says:

    Yeah i do, shes a friend but not close enough to trust with telling her about… Yah know. People make small comments like that and idk how to respond, on the bright side, i like when people run their fingers through my hair. It feels good.

  12. Lee Ann says:

    really people really?

  13. Angie says:

    Jamz how can u change into a werewolf?????

    Tell me????

  14. giro says:

    It is much better here. There used to be a member who would come on this blog and reveal that werewolves didn’t exist and we were all stupid kids. He may be right, but for him to be so blunt, ruining or dreams and raining on our parade was not cool. I like to imagine things which I’m sure you all do, but for someone to hit us with reality so bluntly is not the way. Anyway he has gone now and I think we can all enjoy our make belief world in peace. Oh by the way, I am 14 years old and my mum tells me playing on this forum will ruin my chances of getting a man in the future, because he will think I’m not well.

  15. I plan to live a single so, I’m not worried about that. 🙂

  16. that was supposed to say single life…

  17. Lycanhope says:

    @Angie: You don’t “become” one, you ARE one. If you aren’t one yet, you probably never will be.
    @Giro: I actually kind of liked re-searcha, his criticisms were usually well-founded, even if he was a bit blunt.

  18. StormRunner says:

    I just saw the movie 127 Hours. Very great movie. The amputation scene was a little gory but otherwise a great movie.

  19. that gye says:

    re-searcha’s coments always make me laugh

  20. that gye says:

    that is weard this is the first coment that i have left in a wile but it gave me a different picture than i had before

  21. that gye says:

    Oh. I mistiped my e-mail adress. maby that was it

  22. Mack Allen says:

    hmm some one just talked about a story called caved in hmmmm i have one somehting called strikers world which involves striker and his vast array of partners who save the world (very original i know) haha but i keep this to myself mostly

  23. Kodiac says:

    What if the werewolf you love wants to be friends, but is in love with someone else? How can you prove to them that you can be better for them?

  24. Jessie Sue says:

    I really want to be a werewolf, *EDITED

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