Holy Water vs. werewolves

Holy water is a common symbol often used in novels and movies to ward off both vampires and werewolves. The truth however is that holy water is not effective on werewolves.

If you think about the fact that lycanthropy can actually be credited to an actual infection or virus, it becomes a little clearer on why holy water does not make a difference. The normal cold or flu that a human would get would not be affected especially by holy water specifically. It is the simple act of hydration itself that can make a marginal difference – but think about this….it’s any kind of water, not just holy water that works to help against a cold. It’s the hydration that is key.

If you use this line of reasoning with lycanthropy, you can see the similarities. Being a werewolf does not mean you are possessed by an evil spirit – or are in your core evil – which means that holy water would not work to ward off werewolves. I have however heard reports that if holy water is drunk, it does seem to give a slight delay to the transformation process (although it does by no means stop the process). This might be where the holy water- werewolf rumor started. However, very interestingly, if a werewolf were to drink regular water the same thing happens – a slight delay in the onset of transformation. These results lead to the same conclusion as with a normal cold of flu infection – it is not the fact that water has been blessed or is holy, it is just the simple act of hydration which helps with the symptoms of the werewolf infection.

I do however want to be very clear in this point: making a would-be werewolf drink water will not prevent the onset of transformation, nor will it ward off werewolves if you are a human. The best it might do is, if drunk regularly, give a slight delay (and when I say slight I mean, possibly 5 – 10 minutes) in the onset of the transformation process.



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29 Responses

  1. Ayla says:

    Ha.. I’d argue that squirting holy water at a werewolf is a bit of a stupid idea in the first place… All you’re going to do is find yourself with a damp, and more annoyed werewolf on your hands. That’s never a good thing!

  2. llyon says:

    lol i agree with ayla, werewolves don’t really like being wet, so throw water at one might just make it tear you apart more slowly then it had planed. but the idea that it would stop the “infection”, what infection? the curse was merely labled that couse it used to occur after a bite from a werewolf, if it was a infection then there would be a cure, which as far as i know there is not.

    holy water is nothing more than water that has had words spoken into it?? how is that holy? so by that if i was to yell and scream hate at water would it become… agressive water, or something?

    the idea that holy water being able to slow the onset of the transformation is inlogical, how can water slow something like that??

  3. Lukesf2 says:

    all that holy water is is water mixed with oil nothing special its just water mixed with oil that the church sometimes runs electrical charges through to annoy people

  4. Lone Wicca Wolf says:

    holy water is more of a vampire kinda thing not really a werewolf thing

  5. Lukesf2 says:

    i think its more likely the residual electrical charge electrocuting the vampires body then the oil in the water that would cause the effect

  6. jo me are one says:

    holy water? its pretty funny that people think that werewolf are evil nowadays.

  7. zach says:

    hello any 1 on

  8. jo me are one says:

    lol! nope! why?

  9. zach says:

    ha jo get on wolfvoices

  10. zach says:

    plz get on wolfvoices noones on right now

  11. jo me are one says:

    no theyll ki** me there and g2g sorry ^^

  12. anonamous-werewolf says:

    lol i actually have a small bottle of holy water on a string like a necklace. it was in a bag of random jewelry that my moms friend gave her so she gave it to me.

  13. anonamous-werewolf says:

    also, when i picked it up i started to feel really sick…

  14. lee ann says:

    @everyone who thinks this effects them. This post is bs some baptized water isn’t going to do anything to you. Duh. If I get a priest to bless water and throw it at you your just going to get annoyed because your soaked. But thats about it.

  15. knowledge seeker says:

    i think that there are more ways one may become a wolf 1 curse, 2 born with wolf blood in their veins, 3 virus. christian holy water doesnt work very well against evil anyway however wiccan holy water is more potent but first the creature must b evil to b effected by holy water and werewolves and some vampyres are not always evil. i dont believe that all werewolves r evil. i have wolf blood in me of course i have never shifted but if i did i think i would be good and control it.

  16. knowledge seeker says:

    i also think holy water may have more of an effect against a cursed being than someone born a wolf or who has the virus.

  17. Holy water does nothing but get me wet and that is bad but I love holy water

  18. Ways to be a we’re

    Get turned

    Born a wolf


    Blessing or curse ( christian )

    – no holy water works

  19. Michael says:

    Holy Water vs. Werewolf:
    You have your facts wrong. Yes there is a connection of Holy Water or regular tap water holding off the werewolf transformation but there is more to that. There is a belief in a werewolf rememdy that stays off the transformation longer especially on a full moon. But it is dangerous and poisonous. It involves either using Holy Water or regular water, but you make a mixture using Monkshood(wolfsbane) in the water. Using it with Holy Water only makes it more stronger. The only problem with it is that Wolfsbane is toxic and poisonous. But the belief was that you use a small dose of wolfsbane and over long period of time build up your body’s tolerance to the poison that you keep adding more of the deadly mixture. So its a vicious cycle that as your body grows immune you have to add more and more to your water concoction. So you need a stroger dose as time goes. Just like with modern medicine, if one dose ain’t strong enough your doctor prescribes a stronger dose to compensate fo rthe other dose until your body grows immune to it and then your doctor has to prescribe yet another stronger dose. So you see how the cycle is a vicious continous cycle.

  20. she wolf says:

    Holy water!? what the hell is going on with you guys? Werewolves are not afraid of water you idiots! They just got annoyed. Im more kinda like to annoy a hot-headed guy or a drunk guy than a werewolf. I already had an experience of a piss-off werewolf. No thanks to my uncle.

  21. she wolf says:

    It starts of that my aunt to have a camp on the mountains. I shared this on my classmates but no one is interested. Later Marrianne said she is intrested on the trip and decided to join with his dad. 3 days later we have our trip. We arrive at noon time and we enjoy our camp. Here it starts and it was already night. We were watching naruto and the adults were getting drunk(minus my dad and marrianne’s dad). They were also noisy outside too and my uncle was already and drunk. He was rampaging cause there were no food only beer and drinks. I went outside and its true that there’s no food. Then I notice something on the bushes. It was a large black wolf. I did’nt tell anybody with this. What I dunno is that my uncle took notice it. He shouted at it, “HEY YOU! GIVE US SOME FOOD, WERE HUNGRY!” we understood him because he’s drunk. Then the wolf left. Moments later we were laughing because of my uncle’s foolishness. Then the wolf pass by on us again and like before, I took notice it again and my uncle too. But unlike before it was already carrying something large, compared that to an average man. It stared on me and we made an eye contact but I felt nothing while the “wolf” look me with some hunger. Then it satnd up with two legs, this time, I saw a human body with a wolfs head. then it threw some pieces of meat and what it landed on the table was a… FREAKIN HUMAN LEG!… it has some blood with it and its still fresh. Everybody including me and my uncle lost our sense and ran over to the tent and we never came out. Next morning, the table was clear. The leg was not there anymore but the blood remains. My classmate, her dad, and my father all asked what happened last night to why there’s blood on the table and were screaming like it was the end. We told the whole story. Their eyes went wide as they could’nt beleive what happened. I will never forget that event till now. I still remember that I was only 10 at that time. Though im not traumatized at what happened. Only a little shock. The only kid who has this experience.

  22. Blood Moon says:

    @jo me are one: I know,right?lol

  23. Dan Jones says:

    Holy water is for purifying evil. While lycanthropy can be seen as an infection, the source of the infection is probably evil. So holy water could, in theory, cure a werewolf, turning him back into a person.

  24. Lycanhope says:

    What would happen? …I’d get wet I suppose, I don’t see how water could be dangerous.
    Except for acid rain, but that’s different.

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