Horrifying Alien Fish extends jaws to devour prey like the Chestburster from Alien Movies! Someone get Sigourney Weaver!

If you watched the Ridley Scott movie Alien happily from the warmth of your movie theater seat, comfortable in the knowledge that there were no alien Chestbursters on Earth, be ready for a heart-stopping shock. A creature almost exactly like the Chestburster alien exists on Earth!! It lives in the ocean – hidden deep in it’s watery depths!!


The alien fish is the stuff nightmares are made of! It’s skin is a glistening dark grey color,  it has lifeless narrow eyes, and veritical slits for a nose. Most terrifying of all however, is that the fish has extendable jaws very similar to the the Chestburster Alien from Ridley Scott’s Alien movies!  When it spots its prey it EXTENDS ITS JAWS FROM ITS MOUTH in order capture it’s prey whole!!

The fish is called the Viper Dogfish – an innocuous-sounding name for a nightmarish creature. The Viper Dogfish is actually a type of shark that lives in the deepest part of the ocean. It is an incredibly rare fish that was discovered in 1986 and has been identified as living in the Pacific Ocean (specifically it has been spotted off the Northewestern Hawaiian Islands, the souther ncoast of Japan, the Bonin Islands, and the coast of Taiwan).

It is believed that the alien fish lives deep in the ocean, but rises to the surface at night in order to feed.  It feeds on bony fish larger than itself and the occasional crustacean.  No humans on the menu yet.  That’s good.  But I wouldn’t want to be caught bobbing around the Pacific Ocean at night with no boat…unless Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) was nearby…



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  1. KitchiLupe says:

    @Buddy Ha.. jeez this creature is like a literal alien. My first thought was WTF! Lol! ^.^ then it got me thinking… if there were strange odd fish and creatures around the world, imagine the crazy forms of werewolves there would be! This is literally the stuff of pure creativity! Who knew God could create such unique creatures? The world truly is a zoo… lol always a new creature every day.

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