how a werewolf feels

What does it feel like to be a werewolf?
Being a werewolf feels alot like how being the last person in the world would feel…isolated and special at the same time. Imagine that scenario for a moment – a scenario where you were the last person on earth. How would you feel? You would have noone to talk to about your unique situation. Noone of your kind that you could relate with or share your experiences with. You would feel extremely lonely at times, and probably very excited at other times. This is how being a werewolf feels….lonely and exciting. Confusing sometimes and enlightening at other times. Werewolves feel emboldened by their strengths, and humbled at the same time because of them.  Werewolves are intuitive and smart, but can also feel the vast expanse of how much they still have to learn.

These feelings come with the hard fact that the werewolf experience is a difficult one. This is taken for granted by humans who want to be a werewolf.  Humans envy the werewolf before even thinking how it must feel to be one. They just assume that all their problems would go away if they were a werewolf. The thoughts by these humans is Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a werewolf? To feel strong and confident, brave and invincible? Well, yes it would, but being a werewolf is not always easy. It requires having a tough skin – both mentally and physically. You have to be able to withstand immature ridicules, confused mocking, and condescending remarks…especially and specifically if you make yourself vulnerable by identifying yourself as a werewolf – as many commenters do on this site. For this good reason, there are many many werewolves that do not identify themselves as such publicly.



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6 Responses

  1. Kitsunekraze900 says:

    Agreed. Especially on the part about the commenters.

  2. knowledge seeker says:

    yes but i have the negative commenters figured out they are really justhidding their true identities as werewolves thats why people like researcha insist werewolves dont exist they just dont want anyone to know their secret.

  3. pklett92 says:

    I like this post…for one its is very accurate, and can shed light on this sites current dilemma on which i believe has finally come to its final closing. I think that allot of us are waking up to see that it is time we promoted a more healthy atmosphere, and simply forgive and forget that person who should never be named. After all if you have no interest in werewolves than you should not be here at all. All things spoken well if your here purposefully to make trouble than you may as well get lost, and go bother a blogging site that is spitting out lame conspiracy theories about the government, or maybe even go troll on some children s reading program site.

  4. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    you seem to be on to something

  5. Lee Ann says:

    @ArgharnaWelyn: Dude shut up.

  6. Tobias Dominey says:

    I AM A LYCAN AND PROUD!!!!!!!!

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