how to be a werewolf

First, the question is, are you looking for how to become a werewolf? If so, you might want to check out these werewolf facts, myths, and legends which give the most common methods as written in texts, stories, and manuscripts, of how one becomes a werewolf.

If however, you are looking for information on how to be a werewolf once you are already one – well, that is a question that is hard to answer. The best answer anyone can give you is being a werewolf is something that cannot be taught, but rather is a state of being.

Generally, however, there are a few commonalities amongst werewolves…

1. werewolf emotions are strong – Werewolves generally feel things very deeply – this is due to the nature of who they are – they are more in tune with their environment and with other humans which in turn affect their attitude, understanding, and response to the surrounding world.

2. werewolves are confident – Werewolves do not generally like to be the center of attention, but this does not mean that they are weak or easily intimidated, merely that they are confident in who they are. Werewolves will meet a person eye to eye, and stand their ground if needed.

3. werewolves listen and pay attention – much more than other creatures, werewolves pay attention to details…they know when someone comes in the room, when someone leaves, if someone is approaching. They read body language, and have some of their own. They use all their senses to their fullest – using their senses of smell, sight, and hearing to abosrb the world around them.

4. werewolves are more than human – while werewolves can co-exist peacefully with humans, they are always aware that they are different. They are stronger, faster, smarter. This colors how humans perceive them.



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32 Responses

  1. bosa says:

    Nigga I’m mutant zombie lycanin so gangsterly. I ate some police(pigs) this afternoon. Haha. And people need ta stop tryina use my name on other sites. That’s disrespectful to me as a blood hitman and the leader of the bloods. It’s also disrespectful to the rest of the bloods. Soo-woo

  2. bosa says:

    And if you’re a real werewolf, holla at me on my Facebook. I’m a hardass hardcore lycan though so i ain’t on no soft shit. So soo-woo. And remember nigga, I’m the devil. Soo-woo(blood love). Haha and 1 more thing. I’m one of the lycans(bloods) they experimented on so i might be a little weird until their medicine wears off and I’m also a super predator, the falconer to be exact and no I’m not dead, that was just a movie that wasn’t very accurate. Soo-woo and smoke loud weed to become the best werewolf you can be. Soo-woo

  3. Night hawk says:

    I think I’m a serious.Ihave dreams when I’m looking out of something’s eyes .and I’m always in the woods.i eat animals. And the next day my stomachs full.and I always wake up with this weird hair due

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Night hawk: That doesn’t make you a werewolf, sorry. That’s just normal dream effects.

  5. Night hawk says:

    @lycanhope I guess your right but I have a lot of other reasons like my nails grow long point curved and fast.that mey not mean anything but it is weird.also I have 12 fangs great smell and great hearing.that also mey mean nothing but it is cool.this most likely means nothing but in the winter peices of my hair become white.I pretty smart for my age I have great instincts I’m fast barefoot and on all fours I’m also pretty strong.i might not be a werewolf but I obviously have more of a wild side.

  6. Escoro Amaguk-coloratus says:

    I am freaking out what do i do? I think i am becoming a werewolf but i am not certain please give me an answer. Please.

    • Lycanhope says:

      “Please give me an answer,” while providing zero information whatsoever. Yup, good luck with that.

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