How to become a werewolf

how to become a werewolfSo, everyone knows how to become a vampire, but do you know how to become a werewolf?  Legends, myths, lore, and superstitions tell of a wide variety of ways.

  • Drink from the paw print of a wolf.  Legends vary on the exact method, but most say that you have to find the pawprint of a wolf that has been filled with rainwater and if you drink the rainwater from the wolf’s print, you become a werewolf.
  • Sleep outside with a full moon shining on your face.  There are a few things to note here: some versions of this supersition say that you have to be in an open field, others say that it has to be a Friday night, while still others say it has to be a Friday night in summer. There’s no clear agreement on exactly which is the correct way. There’s also no agreement on exactly how full the moon has to be.
  • Legends say that if you drink downstream from a wolf, you could become a werewolf.
  • Wear Peter Stubbe’s Belt.  There is a legend of a magical belt that can turn a person into a werewolf.  Legends say that it was worn by Peter Stubbe in Germany in the 1500s.
  • Werewolf bite.  This is the most well-known way legends say to become a werewolf – being bitten by another werewolf.  Some legends say that it’s not just a bite, but a werewolf’s scratch could also turn you into a werewolf.
  • Magical lotion/salve applied to the skin.  Myths are not specific on the exact ingredients that go into the salve, but the superstition is that there is a certain magical lotion that is rubbed onto the skin that can turn you into a werewolf.
  • Not going to confession for 10 years.  Lore is unclear if you would have to be of a certain religion for this to work.
  • A witch’s curse.
  • Magical spells.
  • Being born a werewolf.  There are various legends that say you can just simply be born a werewolf.


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61 Responses

  1. Ridge says:

    I want to be a were wolf

  2. werewolffffff says:

    I love werewolves because i am

  3. werewolffffff says:


  4. Rox says:

    I want to become one so bite me if you can

  5. Dan Ballance says:

    Lycan brethren. I recently discovered I am born in the blood line of the White wolf… Which explains vicious and overly aggressive dreams I have that reoccur every month.. Consisting on me ripping people apart.. The info I have tried researching about the White wolf blood line ha e been extremely vaige, and I struggle to find what I need to know… I genuinely ha e issues with having an inch of beard grow in a day… And nails being to thick to cut without at least an hour soaking in boiling hot water… And honestly get such an energy rush from the moon that it worries me…

    If I’m capable of changing.. How would I go about it?…

  6. Lycannaire says:

    Wow… Words of someone who believes in werewolves… Haha… Ignore them they are just jealous, and obviously don’t actually know anything about werewolves, just one of those people who wishes he was, Leave me your email and I’ll send you details I found on the white wolfs existence and background. I hope it helps!!

  7. Alpha says:

    Lycannaire, shut the f up. If you dont belive in werewolves then why the f are you on here? Werewolves are real just not how the movies make them out to be. Also if you dont belive in them then why did you get onto a site called “ilovewerewolves” and decribes as “werewolf chatting site”

  8. Alpha says:

    No, lycannaire responded a few weekes ago saiying something along the lines of people who think they are werewolves are funny(in a stupid way).

  9. Alpha says:

    I mean it could be someone welse but that name rings a bell so… I put what he said and and what i heard before together and they sounded like the same person. I mean theres a chance that im completely wrong.

  10. maximee says:

    How can i be a wearwolf please helpp

  11. maximee says:

    I get to be crazy about the idea of ​​werewolf and I dream about it

  12. maximee says:

    I don’t no what to do

  13. ishawk says:

    whats your name my friend is one and i want him to bite me but he wont soo i want him to scratch me

  14. ishawk says:

    i want to know your name

  15. Alpha says:

    Ishawk stop lying, you cant become a werewolf, even if he bites you or scraches you, it doesn’t work like that

  16. Lycanhope says:

    You can’t “become” a werewolf, that’s how it works. Biting and scratching will just give you an infection.

  17. Alpha says:

    You have to be born a werewolf

  18. Vick says:

    If you have to be born one, then house did werewolves begin? What happened to make the first one?

  19. Alpha says:

    Who fricken knows, just like no one truly knows how life came to be.

  20. Pixel says:

    Actually, there is rather extensive knowledge on how life came to be through evolution. As for the hereditary version of a werewolf there are quite a few ways for it to happen.

  21. Pixel says:

    And being a werewolf most definitely does not involve transformations. However it may contain very odd behavioral patterns, physical characteristics such as sharp finger nails, large canines, excessive hair growth on the body, extraordinary sense of smell, and possibly even better vision at night.

    • Alpha says:

      Nope none of those are actual symptoms of lycanthrope and also evolution is only a theory. Also what i meant is no one truly knows what became what and where that thing came from or where the first creature came from.

  22. Pixel says:

    Even modern day vampires are not like how books and movies make them out to be. In fact it is just a rare medical condition that causes the skin to fester and burn when subjected to us rays from the sun. We’re wolf’s are very much the same. With the exception of hereditary genes that influence their behavioral and physical characteristics most likely from mutations in the ancestors body that were lucky enough to grow and show through to the werewolf a body today.

    • Alpha says:

      Real vampires dont have any prob from the sun, they are basically normal people who have to drink blood to survive

  23. Pixel says:

    And thus brings us to transformation. It is simply not possible. The human body can not grow hair and reshape it’s skeletal structure in a way that would make him or her look like a wolf. For those who made this page I simply say that you have gone off of books and movies rather than factual evidence and village history from England where the sightings were first recorded. And to the rest of you all, I hope you are satisfied with the information I have given you as I have fully explained what a werewolf is and how to tell if you are one.

    I bid you a due.

  24. Pixel says:

    As for you alpha, evolution, while just a theory has substantial evidence to back It up more so than any other text. And might I ask just how you know what symptoms the are? And you can not stand up my mutation argument as that is a proven fact. Get a degree in medical school and philosophy before you start to question me.

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