how to become leader of the wolf pack

Are leaders of the wolf pack chosen by lineage? However popular this thought might be- it is FALSE. Many falsely claim that becoming an alpha or leader is an ascribed status, one that is handed to you at birth whether you choose it or not, mostly through a high status lineage. The false claim is that if you are from a high status lineage within a wolf family you will automatically lead the pack and lead the ranks. However, I am afraid this is false. There are many pack family members of the noble classes of wolves who cannot handle becoming alpha and lead the ranks

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How can you become leader of the pack? Leaders of the pack are not chosen by lineage, the basis of choosing the alpha and lead a pack is an achieved status. That is, you have the ability to earn this position, through rank, leadership skills, or other abilities and or traits that you might have attained in your life. If you are skillful in many areas, in more areas than your peers, you will more likely to be chosen to become the leader. Some are strong hunters,or efficient navigators… Remember though, that if you are the son or daughter of a “great” leader or elder it is likely that you have “training” or many skills passed down to you that others might not have achieved yet.

You must take into account many qualities of the “leader in question.

Leadership and difficult decisions: Some qualities of leaders of packs? If the wolf wanting to become leader does not have, for one, the ability to make tough choices in times of danger you might not quite make it to leadership. If you are wanting to become the leader there are certain qualities that will help you along. For one, you must be able to make difficult decisions in times of need, danger, or emergency, the pack will look to you for your decisions and leadership. Many times you will not have much time to decide and you will be the one to make the calls. The tough decisions must be for the benefit of the entire pack… can you make these quick difficult decisions? Becoming leader of your pack means you will be responsible for all decisions you make, and if you make too many bad decisions you could be kicked off of the helm. You must be strong in your personality and commitment to your fellow pack members.

Guidance: The leader of the pack has an enormous emotional attachment and commitment to his pack. For as long as you are leader, the entire pack will look to you for guidance through personal decisions and pack decisions. Many leaders learn too much about their pack because they have to act as the “confidant” never being able to repeat personal information received from other members of the pack, even if you ever do loose this position. Are you strong enough to have this weight on your shoulders?

Some are cut out for it, some are not: Like i mentioned before, if you are son or daughter of a wolf elder who had many skills, and these skills were passed down to you, you have a great advantage over your peers and have a strong ability to become leader, if you are chosen!

The ability to become leader of a pack can be achieved, whether you are from a high status lineage family or from a low status family. This is not an elite system of rank, you can earn the leadership and respect no matter who you are. Many of the greatest leaders of packs are not from high status backgrounds and are just from “normal” families and lineage. These leaders of packs worked up the ranks for their success, working the ranks allows for freedom of the packs leader. Meaning that at any point in time the leader of the pack can be challenged for the position.

Can the leader be challenged out o his position? Yes, leaders can be thrown out, if you think you can win the challenge. A loss of confidence in the leader by members of the pack can determine a new leader must be sought out. If all members agree due to whatever circumstances has made the leader loss his ability to lead, a new leader can and will be chosen. There of course must be evidence of such a circumstance, most members must be united in their decision to remove the leader and a successor must be chosen. The successor has to be the next wolf pack leader who is qualified to handle the responsibility.

All leaders and alphas must remember:  That the old and the weak will be replaced with the strong youth and this could happen at any point in the pack leaders command…

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38 Responses

  1. paul says:

    how can i play a game of werewolf

  2. Chelsey says:

    Major TV network is looking for teens and twenty-somethings between the ages of 15 and 22 for a new docu-series focusing on the latest teenage subculture that is making headlines around the country. Everyone wants to fit in during high school and feel they belong to something bigger than themselves. Today’s students are finding new and exciting ways to do just that.

    This show will focus on members of the Teen Vampireand Teen Werewolf subcultures, following their daily lives both in and out of school. What do your friends and family think? What are the misconceptions about your group? Whether you’re a member of a wolf pack or riding solo, this is your chance to be heard. YOU can take a stand against stereotypes. Vampires and Werewolves are real if you want them to be.


  3. lee ann says:

    thanks but I can get on tv without some weird ass reality show 😉

  4. Werebiy says:

    Hahahaha subculture

  5. Wereboy says:

    Mind numbing tv about werewolves and vampires sounds fun

  6. Hazel says:

    hey, any other wolves out in eastern SD? perferably in sufu or yank, or verm

  7. Kelly (just is) says:

    We’re already taking a stand by establishing this site. We dont need people following us with a camera. Most of us here didnt ‘become’ a wolf or vamp to ‘fit in’, gain power, or feel unique. We arent twilight imitations or kids drooling after some new fad. What we are has been around for centuries, it’s only ‘new’ because of a popular book series that little children take too seriously. In a few more years there could be a book or movie or tv show about something like monsters that survive on eating cats and porcupines, and people will get obsessed with that, but we’ll still be vampires and werewolves. Eventually we’ll go back to being some taboo topic used to scare kids and entertain adults.

  8. fang says:

    my uncle said i was a werewolf he said i needed to join a pack so can i join a pack? anybody.

  9. Lycanhope says:

    They/ren’t looking for actual weres for this “reality doco”, they’re just looking for those idiots who wear tails on their pants and sharpen their “fangs”, basicly someone interesting to watch. From memory they did do an interview with a real werewolf and all she managed to do as make us look like idiots.
    @Fang: how does he know you’re a werewolf? Is he one himself?

  10. Hey is it weird that i meet a random werewolf in my woods and me and him decided to create a little pack hes really nice and i got to know him hes a really nice friend but my friend whose also a werewolf thinks its a little odd

  11. Kelly (just is) says:

    @Lycanhope, i kinda figured that. Arent thos people who wear tails and stuff like that furries?…
    @the new kid with a really long name, uhm… Meeting another werewolf in a forrest… Yeah i wouldnt leap to the trust platform with that. Use caution.

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @Kelly: Actually no, I know a furry and she’s very nice and normal. The people I’m talking about were on FailBlog and considered themselves actual werewolves because they sharpened their teeth, wore tails, and formed packs. Furries just appreciate anthropomorphic art, and most of them wear costumes.

  13. Kelly (just is) says:

    Ahh i see. I never have met a real furry or anything but those people who sharpen there fangs are nuts.

  14. They say it damage your teeth and it is very painful.

  15. Kelly (just is) says:

    Probably. They’re altering their teeth which can’t be healthy, nor without pain if not numbed.

  16. You would be screaming in pain.

  17. ILiekPizza says:

    *double facepalm* Oh my god… society amazes me.

    “Teen vampire” and “teen werewolf”? This is why werewolves never have had a good rep… NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHAT BEING A WEREWOLF/VAMPIRE!

    I am a werewolf. I have a short temper and everytime I get pushed towards that emotional cliff of rage I have to supress my growling so I dont get any unwanted attention.

    I have to constantly ignore every human scent that wafts by my nose. Humans stink and a majority of there perfumes/colognes make me choke.

    Mosquito ringtones, that really high pitched sound thatsome people download onto their phones and whatnot, will put me on my knees in pain… PAIN. Last time I heard it was in highschool. Someone decided to play it, causing me to squirm around in my chair with the most painful migrane ide ever have in my life.

    Those three make up a sliver of what I have to put up with because in truth, I can’t help it. Unlike these wannabes I have no choice but to deal with it.

  18. ILiekPizza says:

    and my keyboard can die too…

  19. I had no choice in my becoming but I LOVE it

  20. Either gender can lead we males don’t just lead

  21. I may not have chosen to become a were I was born one here’s how you become an alpha first all members take turns fighting each other I beat all my subordinates then a size check I came in fifth then each member leads a hunt I dominated and 2 guys started a fight I broke up the riot and proved to be most mature then the race starts I was first by a few seconds then the territorial fight begins I won then the territory camp starts where each were gets a slice of land and must survive and conquer other camps I conquered 27 five and the rest gave up so I won as alpha these rules apply for all packs

  22. Werewolf ranks are

    Alpha 1
    Beta 1
    Sentary 10
    Hunters pushers 5
    Hunters ambushers 10
    Omegas 10

  23. Tia says:

    @Elderwerewolf777: How many werewolves can be in a pack? And what does this mean?
    There is a photo of these boys that was out my school and this was on top of the photo ( The Wolf pack ) and then Elliot’s Gradad said this.

    Elliot’s Grandad: not for much longer they will soon all be howlers

    What does he mean I thought he post to stop them from playing there weird wolf games and they are out of grad 12 and still think they are wolves. o.O

  24. as many as 100 of us. I lead 36. (37 total)

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