How to become the Victim of a werewolf!

This is a great Halloween Costume idea!
There will be many humans during Halloween night that wish they could be turned into a real werewolf, however, not all will have their wish granted! They will have to live with the fact that they will be human until they are turned by a real werewolf. So, let Halloween night be the night that you were turned into one of the “cursed”!

This werewolf victim costume idea is also is great for those real werewolves who want to celebrate the night you became one of the “cursed.” (Of course this would apply to those who were not born a werewolf). But nevertheless Halloween is opportunity to celebrate the night your life changed forever!(Unless you are one who considers being a werewolf a curse!)

How to become a Werewolf victim for Halloween!

The first thing you will need is a nice big (fake!) Scratch mark on your body! The area of your body that you put this mark depends on where you were clawed by the werewolf. Imagine the night that you were being chased… how did that werewolf get ahold of you? Did he/she claw at your back? Did it grab your neck? Your arm or legs? Be creative on picking the position of the fake werewolf claw mark.

The basic materials for this outfit effect are: a thin brush to paint on Halloween Costume paint, Halloween costume paint, and fake skin.

After you have your werewolf scratch mark complete all you have to do is put on clothing that makes it seem as if you were just chased by werewolf! Try some ripped clothing in places that the werewolf attempted its attack! For example, a ripped shirt or torn pants on the knees would make it seem as if you made a great escape. Don’t forget to use some fake blood on your costume too!

Example of a werewolf attack:

werewolf attack by ~Lizzie5115 on deviantART

To add more realism to your werewolf victim costume idea you can try using werewolf contacts or even try werewolf claws. Both of these additions will make it seem as if you are in mid transformation! Don’t forget to fully appreciate your “characters” situation… acting goes a long way into making your Halloween costume believable.



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