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Just as humans can drop old habits and seek new beginnings for the new year so can you…

This is the time to sort and discard our enemies without creating new ones. Mend broken friendships, and gain new ones. What we seek is a ground, a place where we do not gain enemies or negative feelings but rather gain those relationships that make us stronger. Because it seems that throughout the year no matter how hard we work to create a life without negativity it always catches up with us. At some point over the year we get stuck in a place of negativity or struggle that we think will not pass. They will pass. But the new year for the weighted one is the time to learn from the past and look towards the future.
What werewolves and humans need to do now is look back over the year of the hurdles we have cleared. Use these experiences that we have had to start a new beginning without going back to the same old struggles or hardships we had over the year. Make yourself change by your past experiences, use them as a guide to promise yourself that you wont make the same mistakes… We don’t want to backtrack….

Work on any of your weaknesses by learning from those faults and mistakes. If over the past year you had trouble controlling your inner self make a promise that this year you can change. That you will work to strengthen your control over the things that make you turn into the one you can’t control. Resist temptations especially those that you know are wrong or bad for yourself…

Emotions fulfill our lives day in and out, learn to control your emotions by understanding when and where they are needed. Don’t overreact. Overreacting can cause you to lose your temper. If you do lose your temper give yourself some space and allow yourself to gain back control. Before making irrational decisions allow yourself some space and time to think clearly. If you can control your anger before reacting, try to cool down, then make a decision.

Prepare yourself now for the changes that you want to make in the new year… it’s almost here…



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  1. Well….im gonna have a HUGE challenge…more like a consequence. Post if you wanna know.

  2. I’ve got one of the most expensive and rarest dog.

  3. Anyone on? I just got back from church. Hello……


    *whimpers* I don’t like to be lonely at times……

  4. Silent Strike says:

    I’m here now. But i’m also leaving
    Would be nice to have a good chat for once

  5. Well, uh, hi and bye. lol

  6. *sigh* Is anyone else on?

  7. Zakiya says:


  8. I’ve got news. Wanna hear it?

  9. Zakiya says:

    ……yes 0o0

  10. Värlôc says:

    I proposed to my girlfriend, who is a vampire, on christmas. She said yes! Also, i just found out she is carrying my child. We’re getting married in June and in September, i’ll be a father.

  11. Värlôc says:

    Värlôc is my name, btw.

  12. Värlôc says:

    Also, I became an elder today, making me the youngest elder in the history of the community. I even challenged the alpha and won. Now, I lead around 2.2 million lycans worldwide!!

  13. Värlôc says:

    Värlôc is my elder name.

  14. Zakiya says:

    sounds great

  15. Värlôc says:

    Thanks. As of today, i’m no longer the Motown Werewolf, but Värlôc. Please spread the word.

  16. jo says:

    good for ya! even though this totally late! ^^

  17. Tyler says:

    any tips on how to change vountarily i have trouble with it… also moon was beautiful last night

  18. pklett92 says:

    I have a program i can put you on bro…just contact me on my website which can be accessed by clicking my name. look for Patrick Kletter.

  19. Jo says:

    hmmm…. i think my spirit knows how to but yet i dont trust him. in fact there are times that it want me to shift but i still dont trust it. so off you go. 😉

  20. Wolf says:

    I love Wolve I own Nine of my own

  21. Anyone on??? Please beeee, im sooo bored.. I wanna chat! 😀

  22. Wolfblade says:

    hey there girl i am lonely 2 wanna mate?

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