How to kill a werewolf – methods and materials

How to kill a werewolf

1.  Silver. You’ll see this in almost any movie that you watch about werewolves – werewolf hunters are always in need of the “silver bullet” to kill the werewolf, claiming that that is the only thing that will kill it. Sometimes a silver blade is used.  This method is used often in hollywood movies and werewolf fiction, and often anything that is pure silver will work. Piercing the heart is the preferred method. (Note: Some say that silver is just a concoction of fiction and hollywood, and that silver cannot really kill a werewolf.  True or no? I don’t know.)

2.  Mercury. Mercury is considered almost as good as silver at killing werewolves….in fact mercury has long been known as “quicksilver”.

2.  Removal of heart or head. This is the traditional way to kill a werewolf, as told by legends. Any method that completely destroys the heart or brain will kill the werewolf. They say decapitation is the most effective way.

3.  Other werewolves. In some horror fiction, werewolves can be killed  by other werewolves.

4.  Human Form. Some legends say if you kill the werewolf while it is in its human form, this is an effective way to kill the werewolf.

Wolfsbane -Repel a werewolf: This is not really a way to kill a werewolf, but they say to repel a werewolf, you can use wolfsbane. (which also incidently is said to repel vampires). (Wolfsbane is an herb.)



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171 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    I know that. I know that werewolves in that can’t choose who they imprint on. I am just saying what happened when he had the imprint. How the imprint made him feel. And lets not get into an argument about twilight. This happens way to often between me and dameon

  2. nightwolf says:

    no prob im not a twilight fan brit just made me watch the enteir thing -_- all of them,extended addition -_-

  3. Soul Tepes says:

    @nightwolf: Thank you about the Russia comment.
    @Lycanhope: No english is not my best language but my cumputer automatically translates what is said for me.
    @nightwolf: As I said, Lycanthropes are common stories here. For us, Lycanthrope isnt just subjegated to wolves, but many animals such as panthers, tigers, bears , and ect. The books that I have here on the statue, is from a family who believed they turned into wolves. like said it is just a story but is in a history book as well. It could mean many things.
    @Mary: the twilight thing did not hit very big over here so the words jacob chose could have been misinterprited for it be assumed as inapropirate.

  4. nightwolf says:

    @ulven:no prob and yah its an open subject(the statue thing) but so are alot of stuff everywhere…i.e. the eastern island head,the pillars,how pyramids are found on both sides of the worlds, dont worry to much about it you’ll probably find alot of stories,reasons,therories of why its there…and your not missing much on the twilight thing trust me

  5. Soul Tepes says:

    What is so great about the Twilight saga anyway? It didn’t hit big here so there wasn’t anything news worthy about it.

  6. Titan says:


  7. Nicklaus says:

    @Titan: Being bored is out of your own fault if you can not entertain yourself.

  8. Juliet Wolf says:

    Silver indeed can kill a natural werewolf. ALTHOUGH, a higher up werewolf (stronger or part of royal blood, meaning no human in them… but can still change to be a person), can only be harmed by silver unless stabbed with it in the heart, like staking a vampire.

    • Mr. Greene says:

      So would the alpha transformation put you in the “stronger” category for the silver only being able to kill through the heart?

  9. Lycanhope says:

    @Juliet: Urg, just, no.

  10. Titan says:

    @Nicklaus: I meant boredom is around everyone don’t be mean =-=

  11. Madd Dogg says:

    Mercury? this toxic to anything it’s toxic period so no Der it kills them

  12. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    mercury could work

  13. Gabriel says:

    @ArgharnaWelyn: I’m looking for a conversation, and judging by you having an actual gravatar you may use word press a lot? You seem very polite, tell me, why are you here?

  14. Desiree Siren says:

    I really need to buy some wolfsbane. Monkshood and genuine wolfsbane is actually different by the way. Monkshood is purple and wolfsbane is yellow. All I can manage to find online so far is seeds and I desperately need some ready grown. Do you have any idea where I can purchase some relatively quickly?

  15. Lee Ann says:

    @Desiree Siren: Probably nowhere because it’s a friggin poison you dink.

  16. WOLFMANN says:

    Desiree Siren–Lee Ann is quite correct. Every part of Wolf bane is high toxic. You can order the seeds from most plant stores on the internet. This is where I got the seeds for mine. I live in Colorado on twenty acres and just for the hell of it I planted one acre in these seeds. Big mistake! I now have over four acres in wolf bane. When the county government found out what the plants were they cut them down. Since wolf bane grows wild they have have spread it everywhere. That’s the government for you. Sending poison through the mail is illegal. Using mercury to kill a werewolf would be more dangerous to you than to him. For emergencies I have five boxes of silver bullets. Since I make silver jewelry and reload my own bullets making silver bullets is very easy to do. What I would like to know is where they got the idea that silver will kill vampires? Modern movies harp on this BS.

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  18. Kristy says:

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