How to kill a werewolf – methods and materials

How to kill a werewolf

1.  Silver. You’ll see this in almost any movie that you watch about werewolves – werewolf hunters are always in need of the “silver bullet” to kill the werewolf, claiming that that is the only thing that will kill it. Sometimes a silver blade is used.  This method is used often in hollywood movies and werewolf fiction, and often anything that is pure silver will work. Piercing the heart is the preferred method. (Note: Some say that silver is just a concoction of fiction and hollywood, and that silver cannot really kill a werewolf.  True or no? I don’t know.)

2.  Mercury. Mercury is considered almost as good as silver at killing werewolves….in fact mercury has long been known as “quicksilver”.

2.  Removal of heart or head. This is the traditional way to kill a werewolf, as told by legends. Any method that completely destroys the heart or brain will kill the werewolf. They say decapitation is the most effective way.

3.  Other werewolves. In some horror fiction, werewolves can be killed  by other werewolves.

4.  Human Form. Some legends say if you kill the werewolf while it is in its human form, this is an effective way to kill the werewolf.

Wolfsbane -Repel a werewolf: This is not really a way to kill a werewolf, but they say to repel a werewolf, you can use wolfsbane. (which also incidently is said to repel vampires). (Wolfsbane is an herb.)



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171 Responses

  1. phil says:

    you don’t need silver to kill a werewolf just cause intense damage and destroys its brain and heart tissues

  2. fire, age, suffocation, complete destruction/removal of the heart/brain,
    other supernatural creatures and dismemberment but that can be hard to do as we regenerate limbs

  3. 2 and 3 must be complete 4 is correct. Bye bye now.

  4. Happy says:

    Silver doesn’t kill a werewolf the only thing that can is another werewolf or a vampire

  5. Happy says:

    Hey elderwerewolf777 you can’t kill a werewolf unless another werewolf does or possibly a vampire

  6. Happy you got that off of twilight.

  7. So get this. The top 3 elders didn’t tell me SILVER ACTUALLY KILLS WEREWOLVES. They are suppose to tell me…

    OH so that’s what the question “have you ever been attacked using silver” was for.

  8. Soul Tepes says:

    And Hunters or “the companions” (lycanthropes whome hunt other lycanthropes); it doesn’t matter who it is, lycanthropes or Vampyr’s both can be killed. even and ignorant vampyr or lycan can walk into a pit of spikes and die. It is not spieces specific.

  9. nightwolf says:

    @soul tepes: hunters arent real and niether are “the companions” but that does give me and idea of a story so thanks

  10. Soul Tepes says:

    @nightwolf: How are you so sure they do not exist. I may not be a lycanthrope, but I have many that are from the Silverback clan here in my country and they have even said the “the companions” are not just some fairytail to frighten little children at night.

  11. Soul Tepes says:

    @nightwolf: I think I should say you’re welcome to that last comment.

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @Soul Tepes: I originally had hope that you were someone else that had knowledge and, most importantly, common sense.
    My faith in that is decreasing rapidly with every post of yours I read.

  13. Mary says:

    At soul tepes: “The companions i am pretty sure are a group off of that video game skyrim. So yeah, they aren’t real

  14. Mary says:

    At soul tepes: And witch country would that be? I am in the usa and to my knowledge, there is no “Silver back clan” in the usa. There is a “Silver Fang clan” But that is in one of my friends books called “The silver fang” So that isn’t real either.

  15. Soul Tepes says:

    Im from Serbia, Russia. And like I was saying if you had read, its from a friend who has said these things to me. I never said they where real, I was more or less asking a question. I have never played skyrim. My nephews play it but I have never really sat down and watched. So like I said before.
    The Silverback clan is a group of weres that run from here to bucharest, Romania. There are many clans not just one. Most clans name themselves from the colour of their wolf. Silver is very common, in the wolves we have running around here. Timbers, and Carpaithiens.

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @Soul Tepes: Well I’m afraid your friend is either purposefully lying to you, or isn’t actually a werewolf to begin with, because 90% of your “facts” are wrong.

  17. Soul Tepes says:

    Then correct me if I am wrong don’t just tell me I am and leave it at that. Im from vampyre country not lycan. Bucharest in Romania is Lycan country. Now try to tell me Im wrong when their are statues and paintings and stained glass windows in churches depicting wolves all over Romania. They believed they where guardians of humans and they would protect them.
    Not once did I say it was a fact.
    @Mary: How would you know if its fact or fake that their is a clan called the silverbacks, I do not believe you know every clan within the range of where I am.

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Soul Tepes: Not an accusation, just letting you know.
    And I’m sorry to say, but stained glass, paintings, and statues made by people don’t always reflect accurate depictions, they reflect what the artist believes or wants you to believe.

  19. Soul Tepes says:

    I never said anything about an accusation, but as I said, I want to be corrected and to have the correct answer when it is asked again. Not to be told Im wrong but left with no answers. So your saying the lycanthropes were used as horror stories instead of guardians. How would you know such things? U.S. has their depiction derived from old stories. You say you believe you are lycanthrope but who is to say that lycanthropes did not make these themselves. No one has that kind of proof. The statue of the wolf mother nursing two young humans, is a representaion of a human becoming a wolf. hince “werewolves” lycanthropes. am I wrong on that too?

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @Soul Tepes: I’m going to pressume English isn’t your first language, but at least you’re more legible than most.
    I’m not saying I know anything, merely pointing out that art, stories, etc is from the point-of-view of its’ creator, and should not be taken as historical fact.
    Very possibly, lycanthropes did consider themselves guardians of sorts back then, but that isn’t the case now, at least not in most of the world. I can’t say for certain about Russia as I don’t know any from there.
    As for the statue, did you consider it may be a reference to Romulus and Remus from Roman mythology? Seems the most likely answer to me.

  21. nightwolf says:

    @soul tepes: your from russia?!…awsome 🙂 and well maybe theres clans up there but i know for a fact their not “the companions” at least they shouldnt be…”the companions” were a mixture of humans,weres,vamp,and witches who tried to make peace with each other…at least thats what qens book said…no one is quite sure why or what happend but it died out and to thoes who know it was considered a fail…i’ll look more into it but yah thats what i found out so far but im not sure how true it is either….as for that statue maybe its after the greek guy lycian or whatever his name was….or it could be what people thought werewolfs were at the time…i mean look at vamps…one centry their blood sucking monsters,the next they just want to be left alone,now their wierd guys who sparkle and have weird babies with humans and the baby turns out to be half vamp and a ped0 werewolf falls in love with it after wanting to kill it(coupgh coupgh twilight) so maybe it was how werewolfs were thought of at the time

  22. Mary says:

    At: nightwolf: Jacob isn’t a pedo. The imprint just made it so that no body can harm the imprintee. Jacob just wanted to make sure that the baby was safe and happy. Edward would not have let him live if it was what you think

  23. Mary says:

    At: nightwolf: Jacob isn’t a pedo. The imprint just made it so that no body can harm the imprintee. Jacob just wanted to make sure that the baby was safe and happy. Edward would not have let him live if it was what you think

  24. Mary says:

    Why did it repeat my post?

  25. nightwolf says:

    @mary: uhh nope read/watch it again…werewolfs cant control who they imprint on…and he “loves” the baby and will do anything to protect her i quote “its like being born again, i know that i’ll do anything for her, i’ll be her brother,her friend, her protector” ect…and thats why he(the vamp guy) hit/twisted jacobs arm and why bella kicked his butt when she first woke up….its one of the parts i actually paid attention too

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