how to make a werewolf nose

If you’re making your own werewolf costume for halloween and not using a mask, you’ll need to decide how to make you nose. The two main choices that you can choose between are using face makeup or applying a latex prosthetic nose.

Makeup werewolf nose – Making a werewolf nose out of face makeup is probably the less expensive of the two choices as all you will need to accomplish the task is black makeup. Most people tend to model their “werewwolf” nose after a wolf’s nose, in that they make the tip of the nose black in a somewhat triangular face. When the rest of the face is madeup, the effect is acceptable and easily visible as a wolf nose.

Latex Prosthetic werewolf nose – The other choice for your werewolf costume face is to use a latex prosthetic for your nose. While this method will be a little more expensive than simply using face makeup, it is not overly price prohibitive as you can find a simple latex nose in most halloween costume stores fairly inexpensively. In order to apply the latex nose, you will simply adhere it to your face with spirit gum. The video below shows a good method to ensure that your spirit gum stays sticky enough to hold the nose to your face all night. After the nose is stuck to your face, you’ll apply liquid latex around the edges in order to effectively blend the hard edge of the latex in with the smoothness of the skin, making it appear to merge seamlessly with your face. Finally, you’ll use face makeup to blend the entire feature in with your face. The end result should be a fairly realistic looking werewolf nose!

How to paint a werewolf nose:

How to adhere a latex prosthetic werewolf nose:



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