How to Paint Fingernails like a Werewolf or a Vampire

Here are some ideas from the webverse on how to paint your fingernails like a werewolf or a vampire!

1. Fang Nails! – This is a fantastic idea and the end result is stunning! Paint each nail like an open mouth with fangs exposed using red, black and white. Can be either an open werewolf or vampire mouth depending on how you paint it!

2. Dark Ombre – This is a nice vampire look. To paint your nails like this, the entire nail is a very dark blood red color with the exception of the tips which take on a lighter hue. The effect is very beautiful.

3. Dia De Los Muertos – If you want something that just hints of the undead in general, one idea is to paint each nail different in a “Dia de Los Muertos” theme – nails can have things like crosses, skulls, and other colorful symbols.

4. Bloody Nails – For a more gruesome disgusting look, that works especially great for a werewolf costume, you can paint the tips of each nail to look bloody. (detailed instructions on how to do this in video below).

5. Pure Black Nail – black nails always have a vampire-like flare.

6. Bloody Fang Nails – With a fang at the tip of each nail, and blood dripping down, these nails are great for either werewolves or vampires (the key to changing the look is the shape of the fang!) (video tutorial below)

7. Camouflage Nails – This style of nail is an especially great choice for werewolves!

1. Example of Fang nails!!

2. Example of Dark Ombre Painted Nails

3. Example of Dia de Los Muertos Painted Nails.

4. How to paint your nails to look bloody!

Another example of bloody nails:

5. Example of Black nails.

6. How to paint your nails with bloody fangs.

7. Example of Camo nails



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