how to tell the difference between good and evil

How do you tell the difference between an evil werewolf and a “good” one is tricky because some werewolves can be quite sneaky. Some werewolves can trick you into making you think they are nice werewolves only to find out they are actually the evil ones. Usually good werwolves do not make you think they are evil ones, good werewolves are not as misleading.

A general Test:

So how can you detect an evil werewolf from a “good” one? Well the very first thing to do is to look at their reputation, look at their track record. Who are they friends with? How many people know they are actually a werewolf and what do those people think about him? If you have some information like this you could easily ask around to find out if the werewolf isgood vs evil werewolf testgood or evil; this will help determine if the werewolf has deceived others in the past or not. While doing this research look for his or her behavioral patterns. Does he/she hang out with a pack that is known for evil acts? Not all werewolf packs are good packs, some are evil and only get together to cause trouble upon others. It is critical to find out if the pack he is involved in does cause trouble to the regular population.This method can be hard to research since you may not want to get involved or associated with werewolves. You may not want people to catch on to your suspicions, so if you are trying to keep a low profile this method is not a good one.

The Real Test:

This method is the most dangerous method of determining if you are dealing with an evil werewolf. This method is usually (and recommend to be) conducted on a friend who wants you to check to see if they are an evil werewolf or not. It is not a good test for strangers and is highly recommended that you do not try this method on someone you do not know! This is a simple but dangerous method if the friend turns out to be an evil wolf.

What you have to do is stand at eye level (or sit) at eye level facing each other. The werewolf has to be on one side and a human facing the werewolf. Two werewolves usually will not work because it is not easy for a werewolf to take another werewolf into the trance, which is the objective (What is the werewolf trance?). It is more common and so much easier for a werewolf to take a human… So while at eye level the human must stare deep into the eyes of the suspected werewolf, your task here is to see if the suspected evil werewolf draws (you, the human) into their trance. The most critical part here is to not be taken fully into the trance! So, if the werewolf really is evil you and your soul will be pulled, by force, into the werewolf trance, you have a window of opportunity to break away  from this “pull” before you are fully subjected to it. While being pulled (if he/she is evil) you must act quickly and pull yourself and your soul back to your own body. It is important that while doing this you not touch the werewolf, touching him/her gives lends additional strength and energy that could very well over-power you and permanently draw to you into the trance.

The consequences

The “general test” does not have as severe consequences as the Real Test, the consequences are, generally, social. If caught snooping around in “somebody’s” business that does not want you snooping you might have to steer clear of these humans until things cool down. However, the Real Test could compromise your entire life! Lets say for instance your “friend” knows good and well that they are an evil werewolf. They accept or even propose an invitation for the Test and you are the human who should do “the check.” This is the perfect opportunity for the evil one to get a permanent servant! If he is successful in drawing you into the trance you will have to do everything that he says. You will no longer have free will, you will no longer be able to make your own decisions. The evil werewolf will keep you in this trance and it will be up to you to break out – it’s not easy.



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14 Responses

  1. In all honesty, that isn’t always true.
    The reality of it is: A) The trance could be the Wolven imprinting and falling in love/showing the person they are in love with them
    B) The Wolven could in fact be evil, although, a “good” Wolven could be simply tracing their energy or other things of the sort. Most if not all Wolven have different reasons and/or abilities that could and usually would bring said person into a trance.
    C) There is always also the above stated by the moderators. Theat could be an ability that said Wolven is capable of. Bring the adversary or prey into their gaze and thence atttacking them.

  2. Kelly (just is) says:

    Hmm. I think the most practical is to use as a lure for prey. I’m just concerned with the morality affecting ones wolven disposition. It makes sense though in human form if one is malicous then ones wolf form will be more malicous.

  3. skysky says:

    hi ummm hi i have a few quiestions can someone give me there email or some ting cause i really really want to know

  4. Kelly (just is) says:

    Depends on what your asking

  5. If the human cant be good it would be very difficult for the transformed being to good.

  6. Kelly (just is) says:

    I guessed that. Guess that makes it a bit better knowing i dont entrance people.

  7. i just go by whether the strong point in someones aura is a “halo” or “unusual color” halo is obviously good and unusual color is evil.

  8. Kelly (just is) says:

    I’ve always wondered what aura’s looked like.

  9. dantedbbins says:

    can u tell me how to tell f somoen is and how to be one

    • Lurker says:

      If someone is good? I suppose by assessing if they tend to pro social behavior or antisocial behavior. Same with being good

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