I am legend German Shepherd plays starring role!

OK, it wasn’t just the German Shepherd in the movie, I guess Will Smith does a pretty good job too…. but the German Shepherd (called Sam – or Samantha – in the movie, is great!!) you really start to bond with the dog and fear for her life – as much – if not more! than Will Smith’s life! There aren’t many movies (besides comedies where the dog plays the starring comedic role) where dogs play big parts, but in the new movie I am Legend, the German Shepherd plays a huge role, and does a great job. There are some great scenes with Sam as a puppy – if those don’t make you want to get a German Shepherd…then the scenes where she plays the loyal companion willing to give her life for her owner will….ooh…wait, that’s not a role, that’s the way these dogs really are!

Anyway, if you’re thinking about seeing this new movie with Will Smith, the movie is very good! You have to go see it! I had a couple of problems with the movie’s ending, but other than that it was great! I cant really go on, or I’ll give away spoilers. You can learn more about what features are available on the I Am Legend website at the Best Movie Website blog here, or see pictures of Will Smith and the German Shepherd at the Official I Am Legend website here. Have fun and try not to be too convinced to get a German Shepherd puppy…I’m searching petfinder right now!



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6 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    You know. I fell in LOVE with that German Shepherd in that wonderful movie! I am a German Shepherd person myself and have been planning to get a show one for YEARS now.
    Be careful… German Shepherds are not for everyone. The have a VERY strong will and personality. A lot of times people get caught up in a movie dog and run out and buy or adopt one. They later find they can’t handle that breed. What to do with the dog? The ending isn’t always happy.
    I am not discouraging you from adopting a Shepherd. But PLEASE do your research first *winks* =)

  2. Tracey says:

    Amanda is dead right about shepherds! I have 3, they are wonderful devoted and highly intelligent. They are also strong willed, high energy and real handfuls as young adults. They will thrive with a strong owner, obedience training, and a lot of attention. They are the most devoted breed I have ever owned, once they have bonded with an owner their world literally revolves around that owner. This bond and a strong desire to please makes them easy to train in the right hands. All of this means that buying one of these dogs and tossing them in the backyard and leaving to their own devices is a recipe for disaster.

  3. Enrique says:

    I have a german shepherd and his name is Banks, he is 6 months old and he is by FAR the best dog ever. I never knew how much attention a german shepherd would need til i finally got one. I used work everyday from Monday-Saturday pretty much all day and i had to change my schedule just take care of my dog, is a lot of responsability in other words is like having a CHILD. I dont regret spending time with the dog because he became my best friend i do pretty much everything with him, we always go out for a drive, fishing, hunting, jogging .. sometimes my wife gets upset because she feels like i spend more time with the dog than i do with her. If anyone is interesting in owning a german shepherd 1st do your research bc a shepherd is not for everyone but if you happen to be the lucky person, you will def be one of the happiest people in your town.

    if you want information or tips … u can email me at (**edited**)

  4. What is your pups name?

  5. i must say, your blog is very good, i will be checking back to read more

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