Iceland’s hamrammr transform into their last meal

Although Iceland is not a country that is known for werewolves or wolves, their history does include some description of shapeshifters!

One way to describe these creatures is with the term “hamrammr” – which is an old, traditional, non-modern term in Icelandic writings for a shapeshifter, or someone that is able to change form or shape.  The hamrammr is however not the traditional werewolf we think of in English, but is rather a wereanimal.  The difference is that these creatures do not simply transform into wolves.   Writings claim that the hamrammr  is able to shift into any creature that it last consumed!  Dinner last night was rabbit? Then the creature can shift into a rabbit!  Deer?  The creature can transform into a deer!

The hamrammr takes on not only the form, but also the characteristics of its shapeshifted self, meaning it can be as strong, mean, or kind as any of the animals it transforms into.  In general, the hamrammr are known for being powerful, crafty, wise, and dangerous creatures.  When provoked, they will attack.




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