identify werewolf prints and tracks

One of the most common methods humans use to track is by looking for prints or tracks in soft mud, sand, snow, and dirt.  They use prints to identify animals that have recently been in the area, and also to track animals they are hunting.  Werewolf prints and tracks are very difficult to identify through this method.  One reason is because werewolves are very good at walking lightly and hiding traces of themselves. Another is because humans do not really know what werewolf tracks look like.

When tracks / prints are identified as werewolves, there are generally two types of prints that are described.  The first track that they identify is a paw print with claws prominently displayed.  (See image below).  99% of the time this print is really that of a wolf, not a werewolf.  One clear way to identify them as wolf tracks are by looking at the grouping of the tracks.  Wolves have 4 feet, so if you find a clear continuous set of tracks, you can easily identify them as wolves by the number and grouping of the prints.  Another easy way to identify them as wolf tracks is to look for scat nearby.

The second type of print usually identified as werewolf, is the stereotypical print described most often in movies – that of a human foot print which over the course of a few paces becomes a wolf print.    This type of print is really more movie-myth and legend than actuality.  The truth is that werewolves, even when fully transformed, will not have prints resembling wolves – their prints will be much much larger, and much more human-like.

Identification of wolf tracks

Identification of wolf tracks



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