If a werewolf is chasing you

You have 3 choices if you find you are being chased by a werewolf.

1.  Run.  If you run from a werewolf of course the werewolf will chase you.  There is no way for a human to outrun a werewolf.  Werewolves have incredible speed and power and would easily overwhelm you. Running is not a good option.

2.  Do not run, stay and fight back.  Of course, this option requires extreme courage because werewolves are fearsome creatures, and chances are the werewolf is not chasing you to be friends with you.  If you do stay and fight be sure that you have something made of silver.  Wolfsbane is also a good werewolf repellant.  Be careful if you choose this option though.  Once you start fighting with a werewolf he will get very angry and you are likely to have a real battle.

2.   Hide.  This is probably the best option.  If a werewolf is chasing you and you manage to get a little ahead of him (or her), a good bet is to hide.  Werewolves have excellent night vision, but if you find a well-hidden spot you might have luck. Don’t make sudden movements…any sudden movements will attract the attention of this night stalker.



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247 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    @Ineedsomeadvice: You don’t need, advice, you need help. Very professional, very expensive, very intensive psychiatric help.

    @Wolfie: That’s, just, wow. Really? I mean, I know you’re immature and a bit hyper, but really?

  2. ineedsomeavice says:

    Ive pieced together who it might be. I DO NOT like the outcome.

  3. ineedsomeavice says:

    @lycanhope I do not need mental help. I wouldve gotten therapy a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago.

  4. ineedsomeavice says:

    And like I said… is it usually very dark. Could be a trick of the light… i dunno. exactly why i came here. If that thing IS real, i want to what to do.

  5. Lycanhope says:

    @Ineedsomeadvice: If it’s a person, call the cops. There’s a creep outside your window ffs,
    If it’s an animal, call animal control. There’s a loose pet or a wild animal that is too familiar with humans running loose.

    I’m struggling to see why this isn’t obvious.

  6. ineedsomeavice says:

    I cant tell WHAT it is. That is what I am saying. I dont know if its a person or animal or what. So, I dont know which to call.

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @Ineedsomeadvice: Tell your parents about this and ask them to put up an outside security light. They’re cheap and easy to get.
    If it’s a person they’ll stop coming due to risk. If it’s an animal it will either be scared off or you’ll see what it is and can tell animal control. Win win.

  8. Wolfie says:

    no im serious i really feel like im always being stalked.like a few days ago i was just walking around minding my own business then i felt like i was being watched.it really freaks me out

  9. ineedsomeadvice says:

    @lycanhope: Im in some hot water with them right now… they wouldnt believe me.

  10. ineedsomeadvice says:

    ps: changing name to humankkidd89

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @ineedsomeadvice: There are absolutely no half-decent parents that would not listen when their child says there’s either a human or literal predator lurking outside their window. Period. This is beginning to sound a lot like excuses.

  12. Mary says:

    At Lycanhope: AHEM! May i debate on wether or not some parents would or would not believe nor care if a predator or a stranger is staking the’r children? *polite voice*

  13. ineedsomeadvice says:

    Hey, if you have cops going up and down the street all night, do you think YOUR parents would believe you? I also need to show them im not a 2 year old, so im just gonna probably take this into my own hands.

  14. ineedsomeadvice says:

    If its a predator, itll be scared off. If its a person, time to put thos self defense lessons to use.

  15. ineedsomeadvice says:

    lycanhope, lets just forget about this.

  16. ineedsomeadvice says:

    i will be livin on my own soon anyway. (hint)

  17. Madd Dogg says:

    @ineedsomeadvice: draw side arm fire six rounds into chest area stagger rounds like this
    hollow point or solid
    solid hollow point
    hollow point solid
    soild hollow point
    and so on
    use big round nothing smaller then 9mm max .44 mag got it? and no i didnt read your posts i just saw need advice

  18. Madd Dogg says:

    @ineedsomeadvice: draw side arm fire six rounds into chest area stagger rounds be loaded clip(magazine) like this and keep one in the pipe (coked ready to fire) with a full magazine (clip)
    *load like this*
    hollow point //// or solid
    solid //// hollow point
    hollow point //// solid
    soild //// hollow point
    *and so on*
    use big round nothing smaller then 9mm max .44 mag got it? and no i didnt read your posts i just saw need advice there i cleaned it up a little

  19. ineedsomeadvice says:

    im sorry, what are stagger rounds? ive never heatd the term madd dogg.

  20. ineedsomeadvice says:

    Im permanently changing my username th humankkidd89

  21. humankkidd89 says:

    shit… that thing is here AGAIN.

  22. Fell says:

    then mine will be Fell.

  23. Wolfie says:

    wait…oh my god the werewolf is watching you just ask it what do you want with me? just please leave me alone,im begging you

  24. humankkidd89 says:

    I thought werewolves didn’t understand english when in thier wolf form (uh…).

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