If a werewolf is chasing you

You have 3 choices if you find you are being chased by a werewolf.

1.  Run.  If you run from a werewolf of course the werewolf will chase you.  There is no way for a human to outrun a werewolf.  Werewolves have incredible speed and power and would easily overwhelm you. Running is not a good option.

2.  Do not run, stay and fight back.  Of course, this option requires extreme courage because werewolves are fearsome creatures, and chances are the werewolf is not chasing you to be friends with you.  If you do stay and fight be sure that you have something made of silver.  Wolfsbane is also a good werewolf repellant.  Be careful if you choose this option though.  Once you start fighting with a werewolf he will get very angry and you are likely to have a real battle.

2.   Hide.  This is probably the best option.  If a werewolf is chasing you and you manage to get a little ahead of him (or her), a good bet is to hide.  Werewolves have excellent night vision, but if you find a well-hidden spot you might have luck. Don’t make sudden movements…any sudden movements will attract the attention of this night stalker.



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247 Responses

  1. humankkidd89 says:

    dont get me wrong… when human yeah, but when not…

  2. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: According to lycanthrope they don’t understand language, it comes off as just noise, but as with every animal emotions and body language are strong.

  3. humankkidd89 says:

    so… what i get down on my knees?

  4. humankkidd89 says:

    oh god… hes WAY too close to the window right now… HELP ME

  5. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: well I’ve never dealt with this but I seriously doubt begging will help, remain firm, try to ask questions, but seriously running or attacking is just plain stupid in any case. And remember that might, and probably won’t be, a werewolf.

  6. humankkidd89 says:

    okay… i am currently in my closet. now what? cuz i hear definite howling thru glass and wood… thats bad right?

  7. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: Heck go inspect it, bring a flashlight to the window, whatever. If its an animal it will probably run, if its a person they will probably leave before getting caught or explain why they’re there.

  8. humankkidd89 says:

    either coincidence, or im crazy.

  9. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: Howling? Ha now I know your joking. No way an animal would howl that close because there would be no reasoning and it would alert people to its position if it hasn’t already, try harder next time.

  10. humankkidd89 says:

    1. that shadow does not look like a person…
    2. hasn’t left.

  11. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: oh and in the unlikely instance your not messing with anyone, now would be a good time to tell your parents considering you have at least sound evidence. Don’t complain about my being on good terms, every parent is willing to protect their kid even if it may not seem so.

  12. humankkidd89 says:

    like i said… either coincidence, or im crazy.

  13. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: That had nothing to do with ether of the things I just said, and crazy btw. Definition of insanity, repeating the same task and expecting a different result.

  14. humankkidd89 says:

    also… if i say “dad, there is a weird figure outside my window, and it might be a werewolf,” and you were my dad… wouldnt you think im just imagining things?

  15. humankkidd89 says:

    possible reason for howling? i live near yellowstone.

  16. humankkidd89 says:


  17. humankkidd89 says:

    wierd shadow… who knows.

  18. humankkidd89 says:

    i HAVE been playing an exessive amount of horror games lately

  19. Wolfie says:

    oh god dat is freaky hopefully you keep a baseball bat in your room by your bed like me cause im crazy

  20. humankkidd89 says:

    @Wolfie: stainless steel pocket knife + small foot and a half baseball bat + compound bow.

  21. humankkidd89 says:

    pocket knife is a 3 inch blade

  22. Wolfie says:

    very nice stand ur ground if he comes in you ought to open fire on all weapons kill and tell ur parents.

  23. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: Who in the he|| would say there is a werewolf outside anyway? Say “Hey I heard a noise and I thought I saw something by the window” I mean for Christ’s same use some logic here. Secondly you didn’t mention Yellowstone until AFTER all of this, meaning you are most likely trying to hopelessly cover for the slip up you made about the howling due to a lack of knowledge. And regardless had you said it at the beginning ANYWAY we could have avoided this by saying its just a freaking animal that knows you have food and thinks its easier to get food than hunt. Werewolves are almost always normal people, and no normal (or any) person just lives in Yellowstone. It’s not a werewolf, and frankly the more this goes on the more pitiful your argument is going to become. Ok, kinda cool, you came up with a VERY slightly clever story, but at this point admit your mistake and move on. I am done for tonight and with this conversation in general, bye.

  24. humankkidd89 says:

    @Gabriel: You expect me to rememer every thing about where i live?

  25. humankkidd89 says:

    @Gabriel: You did a great job pissin me off.

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