If werewolves exist do vampires exist too?

Just a question I thought I’d pose.  I think the clear answer here is no.  Werewolves are living creatures. They die. They are not supernatural, although they may possess more strength and perhaps longer life than normal people or animals, they are still nonetheless mortal. Vampires however – in every legend, story, and myth – are always immortal – they are said to live forever and only sunlight kills them.  This goes against all the laws of nature.

So I think the clear answer to the question is that yes, it is possible for werewolves to exist, but no, not necessarily for vampires to exist too.

Do Vampires exist? Check out what Werewolf967 had to say about this topic of Vampires.



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470 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    who is anya??

  2. pklett92 says:

    probably a member of Alice’s coven I’m guessing…to much interaction with the human. she was actually typing with me on my lvl of maturity which was new for me on this site…As you can see…

  3. pklett92 says:

    I always said I was human from the start

  4. pklett92 says:

    Why don’t you let me be, and I’ll pretend I’m well, cause you’re too blind to see, and I’m too tired to tell, and in your apathy, your head begins to swell, another tragedy, but you’re too cold to feel…

    bam!!! bite on that werewolves

  5. Alice says:

    Anya is my sister

  6. pklett92 says:

    why did she want you to get off?

  7. Alice says:

    I don’t know…
    What do you think of this:

    You used to be my everything,
    Now youre not even nothing
    You sliced my heart in two
    Do you I can feel?
    I can feel when you say I was a last resort
    You used to be nothing
    Now youll always be something
    You couldn’t even tell
    You destroyed me with your words
    I wanted you to be nothing
    But now youll always be something;
    A deep scar layered deep into my heart

  8. pklett92 says:

    thats very long and very well thought up…Im clapping it was very deep

    now here is one of mine

    The time my dad caught me a horse shoe crab, and I asked him if throwing it back into the sea would bring our love back. I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I’m afraid that someone else will hear me

  9. Savanna says:

    Personally I think vampires are real because my friend is a werewolf and i believe in all of that, but i might be a sang. vampire. we can go into the sunlight but we get migranes and sunburn really fast. and we love the taste of your blood. ;o)

  10. fang92 says:

    hey guys and girls wats up

  11. pklett92 says:

    Is anyone online?

  12. pklett92 says:

    hey there I posted that message last night. I am so happy I mentioned anime and they posted a whole page about it yay I have say around here

  13. pklett92 says:

    Hey lee ann

  14. Alice says:

    Lee ann!!! Please come on sometime.. I need to telly ou something. Its really important. please lee ann just pleasee

  15. Alice says:

    Lee ann!!! Please come on sometime.. I need to telly ou something. Its really important. please lee ann just pleasee

  16. Lone Wolf says:

    yay i just wrote a bit of a new song 5th one this week you may not like it but this is it so far:
    Some people say you got a heart of stone but really its made of pure gold
    Its valuable and hard to find and i just want it to be mine

    Love is love yah its tough
    but thats just life its rough
    one in one
    were meant to be
    why cant you open your eyes and see

    you look depressed
    im wondering why your such a mess
    yeah she said no but there are more fish in the sea
    like me…like me

    love is love yah its rough
    but thats just life its rough
    one in one
    were meant to be
    why cant you open your eyes and see

    thats all i have so far

  17. pklett92 says:

    sweet song it puts me to shame 😉

  18. lonewolfArizel says:

    so sad yet there some sweetness in though words.

  19. jo says:

    there are vampires and don’t even dare doubt it! 😉

  20. the forester says:

    i just thought i would point out that the thing in the article about vampires being killed by sunlight is only in newer legends that have been changed by pop culture. if you go back to the oldest legends, they say sunlight only makes vampires volnerable. the stake through the heart didn’t kill them eather. people just used stakes to nail people suspected of being vampires to the ground wile the dead were re-killed.

  21. @the forester: thats a good point, the vamp changes it seems with every generation…

  1. February 20, 2010

    […] just covered this question but I feel like my view is much different so I thought I would just add my opinion.The question […]

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