If you follow- Beware.

If I was chased into the dark shadows of the night would you follow? You know there is no exit, no turning back, would you still come in after me? They say there will be no cure for me now, will you listen? If there seems to be no hope for me, will you give me hope? If there was nobody there to help me but you- would you help me? Nobody believes, do you? There might be a cure but it means you may get hurt, will you attempt to cure me?Make the choice.We can be cured together, we can be cursed together, we can win or lose together. I can’t believe I have to make this choice



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. Wolfie says:

    @Jeremy: You should never give up quitting is for retards and push on on is the right thing to do never I repeat EVER give up

  2. nightwolf says:

    i would..everyone deserves a chance and help no matter what

  3. nicolas says:

    Hey guys im kinda new at this website.
    I was wondering how can someone turn into a werewolf by the way.

  4. Frost Moon says:

    help is given to those who deserve it

  5. Solar says:

    Im named Solar well my wolf name i beleive im a wolf from what i know wo!ves are creatures who are considered members im fromthe petal pack are rival pack is the MoonPack (better name then my pack heh i know) but the other pups in my pack are Commit, Daisy, and Knight the onlqy pup in the MoonPack is Talon hes the Alphas Son i wontgive the human names of these people sorry wolves rather have a hard time sleeping they get along with dogs and foxes. If ur outside and its day you wanna know if someones a wolf consentrate on there eyes while the sun is hitting there eyes the sun shouldnt affect there eyes and there eyes should change somehow

    • Alpha says:

      Other than this sounding completely stupid werewolves dont have wolf names

    • Lycanhope says:

      Eh, some people give this whole thing a spiritual side. They attribute how they are to either past lives or a spirit animal, and because we’re human we like to give things names, so they usually have names. I don’t have a spiritual way of looking at this, and no guardian spirits I’ve encountered ever felt like they needed a name, so I don’t prescribe to it.

      But yeah, other than that, the post was basically just barely English fanfiction.

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