In the Footsteps of Dracula Book Review

Transylvania and Dracula have always intrigued me, but after reading In the Footsteps ofIn The Footsteps of Dracula Dracula by Steven Unger, I now have an obsession with them. An obsession to have hot cocoa in the Hotel Castel Dracula. An obsession to see the East Cliff in the light of the Transylvanian full moon. An obsession to hike through the ramparts of a ruined fortress where the spirit of Dracula lives.

Steven Unger’s book is not just a simple travelogue, but an inspirational journey to the birthplace of Dracula. The armchair traveler will be enthralled with the exquisite detail on teh sights and surroundings the author experienced on his journey. Within the first few pages, you’ll feel like you’re right beside him, meandering past ancient tombstones, historical cities, and glorious countrysides. And all of a sudden, a passion which you perhaps never knew you had will be born. A passion to learn about all things Dracula, and perhaps start your own journey into Bram Stoker’s life and mind.

The special part of this book is that it truly covers almost every location you can think of wanting to visit that is related to Dracula or Bram Stoker. And once you have been inspired by the author’s personal journey, the book can be used as a travel guide. Pictures are littered throughout the book, giving you a good idea of what to expect in each location, and in the back you’ll find helpful information on things to plan your own trip such as shopping, rental cars, security and health, and internet access.

If you are interested in buying a copy of the book it is available on Amazon as a hard copy and as an eBook, you should also read an Interview with the author here… For more information and additional reviews on Steven P. Unger’s book, In the Footsteps of Dracula, please visit the World Audience Publishers Website.

FREE??!!! Mr. Steven Unger has provided us with a signed copy  to give to a Vampire fan! If you would like to get this copy  all you have to do is email me (or contact).  The first person to shoot us an email expressing your desire and interest for this book will get it! Free! (USA, APO/FPO and Canada only please). 

(NOTE** ~The Free copy of the book has already been given away!)

*UPDATE: Check out article on the updated 2nd edition of the In The Footsteps of Dracula book!

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