in the mind of a werewolf

What goes on in the mind of a werewolf? The answer to this question is as varied as the answer to what goes on in the mind of a human. Different humans have different things going on in their minds. The same is true of werewolves.

To understand the werewolf mind, you have to understand the human mind.  Human minds  are interesting in that they are very different from that of animals. The animal mind operates alot on instinct. In humans however there is a constant internal dialogue going on in each person’s head walking them through decisions and actions. The mind of the werewolf is similar. Werewolf minds do not operate just on instinct as an animal would. They reason through decisions.  Werewolf minds are also unique and individual to each werewolf – they are not part of a collective. This “human” state of mind of the werewolf continues even when the werewolf is in a transformed state.  This is not to say that werewolves don’t sometimes lose control of their state of mind when their emotions become to0 strong. They can and they sometimes do, just as all creatures do.

Some werewolves weighed in with their insights:

The mind of the wolf is not as animalistic as one may think. You are on alert at all times due to the intensity of your senses but you think, act, and function as normal as any other person.

Wolves are individuals there is not one mind that is the same.

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2 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    Yea what dose go on in the mind of a werewolf?

  2. pklett92 says:

    psychedelic things beyond any ordinary persons wildest imagination. Like I said before the explanation is long. I guess it depends on the mind of the individual. I like to try and keep things simple but sometimes its hard XD.

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