involuntary transformation warning signs

It’s not uncommon for headaches to occur more frequently for a weighted person, a werewolf in human form. Headaches will warn of an imminent  involuntary transformation. Many times you will be warned, you will be given signs from your body, typically within 1-2 days of the involuntary transformation. Headaches, body aches, and often a runny nose. The runny nose is not like the nose from a head cold or the “common cold,” it is more like the wet runny nose you get from being in the cold weather for to long. But take note, this is for the involuntary transformation; warning signs are not reliable for knowing when you will transform, sometimes there are no warning signs of the involuntary transformation, it will just happen. An experienced weighted person can often suspect of an oncoming involuntary transformation and does not need the signs to tell him or her when they will involuntarily transform.



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143 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    @Lucky: Yay, you’re continuing.

    I didn’t give a story, so there’s nothing to actually be fake. Good job there.

    I don’t know what these “werewolfs” you’ve been studying are, because the plural is werewolves. You’d think that you’d pick that up if you studied for even an hour.

    Speaking of you’d, you seem to have a lot of trouble with English. Might want to learn the language before arguing in it.

    Spiritualism is the same as religion, it’s chosen by the person and is not required. It’s not a spiritual thing unless you consider it to be, for example if the person believed they were a wolf in a previous life or they have a wolf spirit inside them.
    Good job trying to teach how spiritualism works to a druid though, 10/10 for effort.

    My age doesn’t factor into anything. I respond with maturity, I just don’t say things you like. Because I’m here to inform, not hold your hand and tell you how special you are.
    Anybody who asks questions get answers. That simple. You want a nice answer, ask a nice question. You want a sarcastically obnoxious answer, ask something stupid.

    Finally, the fact that I said “see a doctor” shows that in some small corner of my mind I considered the possibility that you weren’t an idiot (this has been revised), and as such based on what you provided it sounded like you had either an infection or a parasite. It’s called logic.

  2. luck says:

    i know my plurals, did you read through it many times to find out what I’ve done wrong? Are you going to tell me how I didn’t capitalize my “I” as well?
    Just because you start to talk with grammar does NOT mean that I would eat the shifty things your giving me.
    No, I am not ‘English’ if that’s what you wanted to know and I surely dont need help with it.

    I know when I should see a doctor, I don’t need a low life to tell me when. by the way you should read through what you right, just a healthy tip.

    – did I answer all your questions 😉

  3. Gabriel says:

    @luck: Firstly: are you just a form of cleverbot set to troll? Because werewolfs does not roll off the tounge as well as werewolves, and that’s just obvious, no need for re-reading on lycanhope’s part to see that. Not to mention the correct grammar in the name of the website. Second, assuming you’re going to either skip the first question or answer in malice: what justifies calling lycanhope a lowlife? He answered your questions and offered a solution to your clear mental disturbances, I don’t see why that’s a problem. And thirdly: are you going to bring anything to this site? Or do you just plan to sit around and argue your poor heart out until someone snaps then lay claim to being the best manipulator out there?

    If any of these are answered wrong, rest assured we’ve heard your story before.

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @luck: Read through it once, though I almost needed a Rosetta stone to decipher it.

    The only thing I’ve given you is observations, which aren’t edible incidentally, about the state of your health based on what you’ve said. So if concern for health is “shifty” I’d suggest you contact the local hospitals, because they’re infested with shifty people.

    Didn’t ask if you were English, so not sure why I should care that you’re not.

    If you knew when you should see a doctor, then you wouldn’t be arguing on a random blog when you have a potential problem, because constant hunger, constant body aching, jaw aching and a running nose is not normal. As any primary school kid would know.

    I’d rather read through what I left thank you. Right is such a shifty direction.

    Didn’t ask any questions for you to answer.
    I see you still have those reading issues 😉

  5. Lycanhope says:

    @Gabriel: Awww, are you here to ruin my fun? Rude.

  6. luck says:

    @Gabriel I’m not a damn troll, and I know what it said.Did your parents ever teach you to stay out of something you were never in.
    @lycanhope I don’t have time for useless arguments.

  7. Lee Ann says:

    Well this is interesting.

  8. nitewolf37 says:

    this is interesting

  9. Gabriel says:

    @Lycanhope: Couldn’t just sit by and let you have all the [email protected]luck: They suggested I stay out of others problems, yes, that doesn’t mean I always avoid an interesting arguement. And I don’t think I have to go into detail on why your “useless conversations” comment is rediculous, contradicting, and wrong.

  10. Lycanhope says:

    Another win for logical reasoning and condescension.

  11. nitewolf37 says:

    is there anybody going through any changes since the blood moon????????

  12. Kat DeWolf says:

    hi ive been wondering if im a werewolf because my ears and nose are sensitive like a wolf and ihave bad eyesight like one as well. And just like wolves i have a good singing voice. Is there any way i can tell for sure?

  13. nitewolf37 says:

    I been having more food cravings and body aches lately and headaches more what does that mean.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @Kat DeWolf: That is a new one. Not once have I heard “good singing voice” as a describing factor for wolves, that got a laugh. I’ll have to remember that one.
    In response though, no it doesn’t sound like you’re a werewolf. At least not from what you listed. Just seems like you need glasses and have above average hearing and smell.

    @nitewolf37: It means your brain has changed its’ opinion on what it enjoys. The bodyaches are possibly related to the change in diet depending on where they are, but combined with the headaches doesn’t sound like it. Could be dehydration, regardless see a doctor.

  15. Strangerdanger says:

    Don’t trust a psychic. You’ll know you’re a werewolf by SHIFTING. Just saying

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