Is 2012 the end of the world?

There are many people and cultures throughout the planet that think that the world will indeed end in 2012 – or more specifically December of 2012.  So many people think this in fact, that even NASA has an official page on if the world will end in 2012 or not!  The beliefs in an upcoming event are more than a mere werewolf apocalypse, but rather a whole world apocalypse.  Claims that the world will end cover everything from meteors to giant storms, to wars, to reversal in the Earth’s rotation, to some type of a man-made catastrophe.

There are however a couple of beliefs that go back thousands of years that many are looking to more carefully.

1.  Mayan Calendar Ending

The Mayan Calendar -The Mayans had what they call a Long-Count Calendar which is a calendar that spans not just a year, but a long period of time – specifically 5,125.36 years.  The end of the next cycle in the Mayan Long Count Calendar coincides with December 21, 2012 – making this date a very important and signficant date when the calendar will reset itself.  There is alot of controversy surrounding what this actually means  – some scientists think that this would have been a period of celebration for the ancient Mayans and is analogous to just flipping your calendar back to January after December (except this is after 5,000+ years), while others fear that the end of the cycle will bring with it the end of humanity.

Making it even more difficult is that Mayan writings and predictions on this particular time period are few – one of the few that does exist is written in stone on “Monument 6” at the ancient Mayan site of Tortuguero in Tabasco, Mexico.  The inscriptions which reference the end of this cycle in December of 2012 have been roughly translated by scholars to say something about “it will happen” and “he will descend”.  The interpretation is that Something will happen and a Mayan God will Descend.

It should be cautioned however, that this is simply a guess at the translation as not only are the inscriptions partially damaged, but also the scholars are guessing as to what exactly the heiroglyphics mean – the translations are only a guess as noone is able to actually read the glyphs.   One reason that this cycle is being taken so seriously is that the mayans were incredible astronomers and had incredibly complex, sophisticated calendars that have been proven to be incredibly accurate even by today’s standards.  For example, their estimation of when the earth was created is extremely close to modern-day scientists estimation of when it was created!

2.  Sumerians Predict Planet Heading Towards Earth

There have been claims that translated Ancient Sumerian documents from 6,000 years ago have been found which talk about a planet identified as “Nibiru” which is in line to strike the planet Earth sometime around December of 2012Nibiru is sometimes referred to as “Planet X” or the “Twelfth Planet“.  The claims of Nibiru originated with Zeharia Sitchin who said the ancient texts said the planet has an ellipitical orbit which keeps it past the outer planets, however brings close it to Earth every 3,600 years – further there are possible extraterrestrial beings on the planet.  The topic is incredibly controversial with some amateur astronomers pointing to photographs that they have supposedly taken of the planet, and others claiming that NASA is covering up evidence of its existence.  Still others point to a mysterious missing section from “google sky” near the constellation of Orion where they claim something – possibly Planet X – is being kept purposely from view. On the other side of the controversy, some scientists have debunked these ancient beliefs and writings as simply not true, claiming that we would have seen gravitational effects of the planet, or even actually have seen it in the sky.

If this did happen, who will survive?

There are many ideas about what the ultimate outcome would be in a scenario where the world ended. Some say all life would be obliterated or only insects would survive.  Some believe a few humans would survive and start repopulating the world – on a much less advanced technological level than we are currently at.  Some believe that new life forms would come into existence.



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  1. Believe this;No one knows when the world is going to end!So there`s no believing what anybody stupid enough to think that they know when the end of the world comes says.

  2. mvbaurqfiorg says:

    lol i have a silver mayan calendar pin, i think i might duplicate it(out of cheaper metal) and start a cult of people who wear that pin in december.

  3. Madd Dogg says:

    hey Y’all it’s 2013 we lived drop it now

  4. Mary says:

    At Madd dogg: Dido

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