Is a werewolf good or evil?


Many of werewolf believers think there is such a thing as a “good” werewolf. If this were true then wouldn’t there be a werewolf “superhero” of some kind? Since after all these beasts have more strength and passion than a “normal” human being. There is no doubt that when in human form these werewolf people can be good people, but when in werewolf form there is not such thing as a good werewolf. The fun and glamorous life of being a werewolf by way of protecting the innocent, and gathering with other wolves in werewolf form to have meetings is just a myth. This partly boils down to the disease that the werewolf carries when the human is in wolf form; he is no longer in control, no longer human, and instincts guide him to attack anything and everything living. The human in werewolf form is not to blame because he would have no recollection of the events that took place while he was a werewolf. If for instance the werewolf was caught and then transformed back into human form while in “police custody” he would be no more to blame than if police were to blame you, a person who cannot remember what happened the night before, is he to blame? This is not an act, the werewolf in human form is not pretending to forget because to him the events never even took place. This is one fact that cannot be avoided, “all werewolves are evil;” there is no such thing as a “good” werewolf, and there is no such thing as free lunch.



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  1. sarah copeland says:

    I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lexi says:

    Yout love Werewolves too? At my school they tease me and my friends that love Werewolves. THEY act like we are Werewolves!

  3. I love them so deos werewolfs how much

  4. Loki says:

    Well, I know what I’m doing but apparently, I am an exception in the mind of humans who of course know the best how it is to be a “good” werewolf. Tell me, didnt you éver think that some people simply dont wánt to be a superhero? btw, its a little bit hard to properly save someone when he/she dies in fear, dont you agree?

  5. DL says:

    This is false. It is true an inexperienced werewolf would have no control of his or her actions, but werewolves can be good if they so choose. Heck, some can even change by their own will, not needing such things as a full moon or intense rage to transform. Another thing-any living creature is capable of feeling emotion. After all, a werewolf is indeed a wolf sharing human qualities and vise versa, and wolves have been proven to feel emotion, so who is to say some don’y have honor or morals among them? Today’s media isn’t always right about this creature, and different cultures have different opinions about them, just as this is my simple belief. I did enjoy your article though. You did a great job.

  6. it depends on where it comes from evil magic or curse if it comes from god and you will use for good, then be a hero to those who need and make a legend.
    “The Werewolf Hero”

  7. John says:

    What a load of bullshit! Werewolves are all “bad” because I say so! Get out of here with that 13th century mindset! Werewolves can be from multiple realms that are outside of our own and can be every bit as good as bad! They aren’t all mindless creatures of the dark!

  8. Marie says:

    NO! I am not Evil!!!! Even though I’m a werefox I can safely say we’re not evil!!

  9. wbb says:

    there are good werewolves, wolfcop (granted yes he is kinda bloody and destructive, more of an anti-hero, but he only goes after bad guys). There was also an oldschool sega game I think it was called Warwolf, you played a heroic werewolf. Not to mention teenwolf (although I never liked teenwolf).

  10. Wolfstar says:

    We are not Evil… We Do have STRAYS that have no control over their powers. Many of us stay in hiding because we are Being Hunted. It is you “Humans” that are EVIL. YOU Hunt us, YOU Kill Us, and YOU use us. No More. We will Kill any Human who thinks to continue this on My Kind… My Children…

    • Lupe says:

      Makes me wonder what crazy things happen to you. As for myself, and every other human (including those claiming to be werewolves and the like), not everyone is evil, since the attributes of evil are subjective. It is highly stereotypical to assume all humans are necessarily evil. Furthermore: what about those who are actually friends with werewolves and etc. (I don’t say “werecreature” since I’ve been told it’s offensive)? I’m not inherently certain about your past, and am terribly sorry if something as such occurred. I wish the best for you, and hope you find what you’re looking for.

    • love says:

      that is what I feel. they say were bad but we care and will be kind to humans if you stop trying to kill us.

  11. milan bozic says:

    I think that you’re wrong in 1 thing. If all of them are bad, as you said, then there would be no people talking their experiences with them cause they would be all dead. For example I had, in past 8 years, around 20 sightings. And most of them are with the same one. My point is if they’re all bad as you say I would be dead for long time now. Same goes for all other people who saw them.

  12. Werewolf lover says:

    This is completely asinine! All werewolves are evil? Says who, you? Okay then how about Jon Talbain who cares for children and Sabrewulf who didn’t even fight back when attacked by ignorant human villagers while walking back home and wants nothing more than to just be human again! Neither of them attack anyone unless they are attacked first and both are educated beings with feelings every bit as great as yours! The world isn’t all black and white and not every werewolf is evil no more than every human is that do by far much worse things than any werewolf ever has! Saying such foolish things as if you’re somehow an expert is why they have been so hated and completely misunderstood for far to long! Likewise you do not have the authority to say all are evil not when your own species has done plenty of vile acts thousands of years to every species! If anything it isn’t the body of the wolf who is the blame for a werewolf’s actions, it’s the cruel unsympathetic heart of man.

    My choice empathy and understanding rather than written lies!

    • Brotherhood of three says:

      We thank you for your kind words werewolf lover and we would like to say that we have complete control of our actions just like you yet our kind haven’t killed anyone for hundreds of years and those of us who do get a punishment equal or worse than the crime they committed which keeps most of us in line can your kind say the same?

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